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Out of the 450 class racers, Justin Brayton is one of the more consistent riders. He was one of eight racers in the Supercross championships that didn’t miss a race. He finished eighth in the overall Supercross championship. During the AMA Nationals, Brayton continued to stay in the race as a slew of riders dropped out with injury. Few have evaded trouble this season and Justin Brayton would find himself in the unlucky spot at Washougal. 20 minutes into the second moto, the BTO Powersports KTM rider endoed on a rythym section. The crash took him out of the race. After the break Justin Brayton lined up for Unadilla finishing 11th overall. Still dealing with some injuries from the Washougal crash, Brayton opted out of Budds Creek. See his statement below.

“Unfortunately I won’t be lining up for Budds Creek tomorrow or Ironman next weekend. I’m still pretty beat up from my get off at Washougal. Bummed I’m gonna miss two of my favorite tracks but looking forward to getting healthy and back on the bike soon! Thanks to everyone at Team BTO Sports for their support.”

DSC_0593_Brian Converse_Justin Brayton_Muddy Creek_2016


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