LMP_6296_Brian Converse_Ken Roczen_East Rutherford_Supercross 2016Jeremy Mcgrath had the Nac Nac. Ken Roczen has the “Michelangelo-man arm.”

When you visualize the elite class of today’s motocross riders, Ken Roczen is near the top. From being one of the  youngest riders to win a 250 World Championship to his 2014 AMA 450 National Championship, Roczen has proven his skill time and time again. While he can get flashy, Roczen is a more reserved whipper at events in comparison to riders like Trey Canard, Josh Grant and Chad Reed. It doesn’t negate from the fact that he can throw a good one when he wants to. While he had a slow start to the Supercross season, K-Roc still had more wins than any other rider not named Ryan Dungey. With his impressive performance the last few races (excluding that crash/mudpie splat in Las Vegas), Roczen has a lot of momentum going into the AMA 450 Nationals.

20160501214308_NJRaces-1 Ken Roczen
Ken Roczen throws a modest whip during a heat race.

Whipitwednesday_Roczen_Las Vegas 2016
Iron Man does the Michelangelo-man arm. (Where did you see this picture last week? Click here).

LMP_5411_Brian COnverse_Ken Roczen_East Rutherford 2016
A classic whip.

Photos by Travis Fant, Brian Converse and Scott Mallonee.


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