_DSC3136_Mike LaRocco Glen Helen 2016Will Mike LaRocco fill-in for his injured riders?

All jokes aside, Mike LaRocco seems to be spending more time on his bike at Glen Helen and he is still putting in good laps. LaRocco is one of the more famous racers in the sport, having won two AMA National Championships. Additionally, LaRocco was one of the few riders to beat Jeremy McGrath in his dominant era, as well as Jeff Emig. The 45 year old Indiana native is also one of the only riders to have an obstacle in the AMA Nationals named after him. The 120-foot jump, known as LaRocco’s Leap, is a staple at Red Bud, and was designed in part by the man himself. He may now be more behind the curtain as the team manager for the Geico Honda 250 team, but LaRocco can still put in fast laps and throw a few whips.


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