DSC_3526 Jason Anderson

Jason Anderson is Husqvarna’s premiere 450 rider. He currently ranks third in the 2016 Supercross season points and won the season opener in Anaheim. Like Ryan Dungey, Anderson also trains with Aldon Baker. Read about our visit to the Baker factory in the June 2016 MXA.

How is your season going? It is going pretty good so far. I’ve got some podiums under my belt, but we keep on going. We are getting ready for the outdoor season right now.

What are your thoughts on Ryan Dungey’s penalty in Detroit? To be honest, it is kind of BS. I had the same thing happen to me in San Diego. The flagger was on the inside of a right-hand corner so your eyes are pointed out. With a rhythm section coming up, you have to be spot on. Supercross is no joke, it’s hard to check up on a big jump. If you case it, you could get hurt, and the dude right behind you could land on you. They need to have flaggers on both sides and make sure the riders know what’s going on. Don’t just wave one flag in the wrong area. I kind of feel bad for Dungey because he got cheated out of a win, but it is what it is. On one side, I don’t claim that as a win for me, but on the other side, I’ll take the bonus check.

Marvin Musquin, Ryan Dungey and yourself all have shared the podium and train together with Aldon Baker. Do you try to ride more like one or the other? We are all different in the way we ride. Marv has his deals and Dungey is just solid. I ride the way I ride, and while we try to learn from each other, it is not like we can predict what each other will do.


If you win the AMA National Championship in 2016, what is the first thing you will eat? I mean, I’m not always good on my diet 100% of the time. I have moments of weakness just like anyone else. I don’t know. I’m not really big on sweets, but there are little things. Maybe a cheeseburger. I kind of like my diet the way it is and I live by it. I don’t eat pork or red meat and I’m not allowed to eat dairy like cheese. That I’ve kinda struggled with. If you have a sandwich, it is good with cheese on it. My favorite places have stuff I can eat as a meal, like Chipolte.

How much would someone have to pay you to race a two-stroke at a National? They would have to pay me a lot. I’ve ridden two-strokes, but I’ve never raced them. Our four-strokes are so advanced, there is no way a two-stroke could be that competitive.


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