Photos by Brian Converse & Scott Malloney

20160409213031_Scott Mallonee_450 main starting gate eli tomac justin brayton Ryan Dungey Trey Canard_Supercross2016_indianapolis
Mechanics prep for the main event around the racers.

20160409192942_Scott Mallonee_Chad Reed Yellow Suzuki_Supercross2016_indianapolis
Chad Reed was not able to make the podium in Indy, but he was riding well.

20160409183451_Scott Mallonee_450 heat Race Mike Alessi_Supercross2016_indianapoliss
While Mike Alessi has not kept the pace of the top riders in the main event, he has consistently shown some of the best starts in many of the heat races and a few main events. 

20160409202335_Scott Mallonee_250 Podium Spray Gannon Audette_Supercross2016_indianapolis
Gannon Audette celebrates his podium finish.

DSC_4340_450 Main Winners Podium Supercross2016 indianapolis_Ken ROczen_Jason Anderson_Ryan Dungey
Left to right: Ken Roczen, Ryan Dungey and Jason Anderson.

LMP_4448_Brian Converse_Weston Peick_Yellow Yamaha_Supercross2016_indianapolis
Weston Peick in his retro Fly gear and yellow YZ450F.

LMP_4232Brian Converse_Shane McElrath_Supercross2016_indianapolis
Shane McElrath missed the podium by one place taking a fourth in the main event.

LMP_4191_Brian Converse_Chad Reed_Supercross2016_indianapolis
Chad Reed does a Nac Nac.

LMP_4165_Brian Converse_Trey Canard_Honda_Nac Nac_Supercross2016_indianapolis
Trey Canard also does Jeremy Mcgrath’s signature move. 

DSC_3654Brian Converse_Aaron Plessinger Yellow Yamaha_Supercross2016_indianapolis
Aaron Plessinger takes his first win of the season.

DSC_4312_Brian Converse_Ryan Dungey Ken Roczen_Sportsmanship_hug_Supercross2016_indianapolis
Good sportsmanship between Ken Roczen and Ryan Dungey after one of the most dynamic 450 races of the season.

DSC_4194_Brian Converse_Jutin Brayton_Fly Classic Gear_Supercross2016_indianapolis
Justin Brayton prepares for the main event.

DSC_4184 Malcolm Stewart_Sprays_Aaron Plessinger podium
Malcolm Stewart gives Aaron his first 250 main event winner champagne spray down.

DSC_4143Brian Converse_Malcolm Stewart_Supercross2016_indianapolis
Malcolm Stewart.

DSC_3651Brian Converse_LCQ Start Gate_Supercross2016_indianapolis
The gate drops in the 250 Last Chance Qualifier.

LMP_4236_Brian Converse_Martin Davalos_Supercross2016_indianapolis
Martin Davalos finished the main event at Indianapolis in fifth place after sustaining a crash.

LMP_4566_Brian Converse_Weston Peick_Chad Reed_Justin Bogle_Yellow Yamaha_Kawasaki_Supercross2016_indianapolis
From left to right: Chad Reed, Weston Peick, Justin Bogle.

LMP_4638_Brian Converse_Ryan Dungey_Supercross2016_indianapolis_Win_Finish
Ryan Dungey gets his 29th consecutive podium in Indianapolis and 7th win of 2016.


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