DSC_2187_Brian Converse_Eli Tomac_Southwick_2016Eli Tomac went hunting for a win. The sweet taste of sandy venison was served.

DSC_2253_Brian Converse_Jeremy Martin_Southwick_2016Jeremy Martin could have taken his first overall win. Dumping his bike in the second moto ended that as a possibility.

DSC_2199_Brian Converse_Marcin Musquin_Southwick_2016Marvin Musquin ended 3-7 overall for fourth after a run-in with Justin Barcia in the second moto.

DSC_2188_Brian Converse_Ken Roczen_Southwick_2016Southwick was the first race this season Ken Roczen was beat straight-up without a mechanical failure. 2-2 isn’t a bad way to finish. There are plenty of races left to do damage control.

LMP_2411_Brian Converse_Justin Bogle_Southwick_2016Justin Bogle is showing strength in his starts and is on a holeshot streak with four in a row. While he finished fourth in the first moto, a 36th in the second moto after a big crash put him at 11th overall.

DSC_2237_Brian Converse_Adam Ciancirulo_Southwick_2016Adam Cianciarulo finished 14th overall.

DSC_2264_Brian Converse_Mitch Oldenburg_Southwick_2016
While Mitchell Oldenburg hung with the fast guys early on, his bike starting smoking by the end of the first moto. He would finish 13th overall.

DSC_2719_Brian Converse_Austin Forkner_Southwick_2016Austin Forkner was back on the podium, and this time he made it for keeps with a 5-2 finish for third overall.

DSC_2855_Brian Converse_Eli Tomac_Southwick_2016An exhausted but very happy Eli Tomac.

DSC_2930_Brian Converse_Arnaud Tonus_Southwick_2016Arnaud Tonus made the first moto podium, finishing 3-8. He ended sixth overall.

LMP_3185_Brian Converse_Weston Peick_Southwick_2016Weston Peick finished fifth overall.

DSC_2957_Brian Converse_Vann Martin_Southwick_2016No AMA points for Vann Martin this week. He finished 34th overall.

LMP_2669_Brian Converse_Ken ROczen_Southwick_2016Ken Roczen may have forgot what it is like to lose. Will he go 1-1 next week at Millville?

LMP_2536_Brian Converse_Benny BLoss_Southwick_2016
The sand has a way of disguising riders. 

LMP_2548_Brian Converse_Christophe Pourcel_Southwick_2016Christophe Pourcel ended the day 5-5 for sixth overall.

LMP_2594_Brian Converse_Eli Tomac_Southwick_2016Eli Tomac didn’t get the holeshot either moto. Can you tell?

LMP_2798_Brian Converse_Jeremy Martin Start_Southwick_2016Jeremy Martin (1) barely edged out Shane McElrath (30) for the holeshot. Right behind him is teammate Aaron Plessinger (23). The three would have an intense battle the first half of the first moto.

LMP_3160_Brian Converse_Ken Roczen_Southwick_2016Ken Roczen paddling through the sand.

LMP_3228_Brian Converse_Phil Nicoletti_Southwick_2016
Phil Nicoletti once again started out great, but had a mechanical issue. He finished 14th overall.

LMP_3233_Brian Converse_Andrew Short_Southwick_2016Andrew Short had a consistent 11-11 finishes for 10th overall.

LMP_3240_Brian Converse_Justin Bogle_Southwick_2016Justin Bogle’s front tire was clipped by Christophe Pourcel only a few turns into the second moto.

LMP_3266_Brian Converse_Tyler Bowers_Southwick_2016Tyler Bowers ended his day better than it started. He won the LCQ and ended 15th overall.

LMP_3295_Brian Converse_Cole Martinez_Southwick_2016
Cole Martinez.

LMP_3425_Brian Converse_Rj Hampshire_Southwick_2016RJ Hampshire finished 11th in the 250 class.

LMP_3437_Brian Converse_Martin Davalos_Southwick_2016Martin Davalos ended his day in tenth. He also had over a ten position gap in finishes, scoring 16-6.

LMP_3483_Brian Converse_Joey Savatgy_Southwick_2016Southwick was one of the worst races for Joey Savatgy this season. He’s now 37 points behind Cooper Webb. 

LMP_3463_Brian Converse_Cooper Webb_Southwick_2016Cooper Webb was undeniably on another level at Southwick. He is known for forcing his way through the pack, and that talent was on full display at the ‘Wick.

LMP_3465_Brian Converse_Shane McELrath_Southwick_2016Shane McElrath raced great and pushed hard until the end. Unfortunately, he pushed a little too hard on the last lap of the second moto and had one of the most violent crashes we have seen this season. He’s out for the rest of the series. Heal up, Shane.

LMP_3495_Brian Converse_Jimmy Decotis_Southwick_2016Jimmy Decotis is a local fan favorite. Saturday was his first time on the track during the AMA Nationals this year.

LMP_3567_Brian Converse_Alex Martin_Southwick_2016Where has A-Mart been? He finished 7-3 to take fourth overall. While he hasn’t gained points on Cooper Webb, he hasn’t lost any to his brother or Joey Savatgy, either.

LMP_3574_Brian Converse_Zach Osborne_Southwick_2016While Zach Osborne is usually the one to make the most of adverse conditions, Southwick bested him.

Photos by: Brian Converse


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