_DSC0600_Kyoshi_Josh Grant_THunder Valley_National_Colorado_060420165Josh Grant placed better than his teammate Eli Tomac in the first moto. Fourth place.

_DSC0652_Kyoshi_Trey Canard_THunder Valley_National_Colorado_060420165Trey Canard.

_DSC0756_Kyoshi_Eli TOmac_THunder Valley_National_Colorado_060420165Eli Tomac wasn’t able to find success at his “home track.” Success being first place.

_DSC8846_Kyoshi_Cooper Webb Jeremy Martin_THunder Valley_National_Colorado_06042016Jeremy Martin and Cooper Webb battle for the lead in the first moto.

_DSC9117Anthony Rodriguez is back a mere week after he was violently thrown off his bike at Glen Helen.

_DSC0106_Kyoshi_Colt Nichols_THunder Valley_National_Colorado_060420165 (1)Colt Nichols.

_DSC0216 (2)Colorado local Cody Church came out and was able to make it into the main after winning the consolation race.

_DSC0452_Kyoshi_JOey Savatgy_THunder Valley_National_Colorado_060420165 (1)Joey Savatgy pops the champagne.

_DSC0525_Kyoshi_450 Start_THunder Valley_National_Colorado_060420165 (1)Honda rider Trey Canard gets the holeshot in the second moto, He was third place in the first moto.

_DSC0525_Kyoshi_450 Start_THunder Valley_National_Colorado_060420165 (2)Jessy Nelson suffered a gnarly crash in the second moto. His right ankle appeared to be injured and he was helped off by track crew.

_DSC9140_Josh Mosiman _THunder Valley_National_Colorado_06042016Josh Mosiman FC250 was smoking more than Jared Steinke’s TC125. He also placed 36th right behind Jared Steinke.

_DSC9262_Cooper Webb_THunder Valley_National_Colorado_06042016Cooper Webb had an overall fifth.

_DSC9379_JOey Savagty_THunder Valley_National_Colorado_06042016Joey Savagty was able to take the second moto win for an overall first place.

_DSC0671_Kyoshi_Ken Roczen Trey Canard_THunder Valley_National_Colorado_060420165Ken Roczen passes Trey Canard for the lead.

_DSC9410_Jeremy MArtin_THunder Valley_National_Colorado_06042016Jeremy Martin get his first moto win of 2016. He would go 1-3 to take second overall.

_DSC0452_Kyoshi_JOey Savatgy_THunder Valley_National_Colorado_060420165 (2)Savagty has the red plate once again.

_DSC9739_Kyoshi_Benny BLoss_BTO_THunder Valley_National_Colorado_06042016Benny Bloss.

_DSC8859_Kyoshi_Alex Martin_THunder Valley_National_Colorado_06042016Alex Martin gets roosted by Shane McElrath after a crash with teammate Aaron Plessinger.

_DSC8911_Kyoshi_Colt Nichols_THunder Valley_National_Colorado_06042016Colt Nichols got 15th overall.

_DSC0892 Matthew Bisceglia
Matthew Bisceglia gets trained by fire. Suzuki used the 250 rider as a fill-in for both James Stewart and Blake Baggett at Thunder Valley.


_DSC9266_Zach Osborne_Thunder Valley_National_Colorado_06042016Zach Osborne.

_DSC9008_Kyoshi_Alex Martin_Thunder Valley_National_Colorado_06042016Alex Martin would recover from a bad first moto to make the overall podium.

_DSC9049_Kyoshi_Jordan Smith_Thunder Valley_National_Colorado_06042016Jordan Smith placed seventh.

_DSC9726_Kyoshi_Ken ROczen_THunder Valley_National_Colorado_06042016Ken Roczen continues his aggressive campaign for a championship with a 1-1 sweep of a win.

_DSC9786_Kyoshi_Ryan Dungey_THunder Valley_National_Colorado_06042016To the surprise to many fans, Ryan Dungey crashed and lost points in the process.

_DSC9957 250 StartAdam Cianciarulo gets the holeshot in the second moto.

_DSC9051_Kyoshi_Zach Osborne_Thunder Valley_National_Colorado_06042016Zach Osborne just missed the podium at fourth.

_DSC9061Tevin Tapia and Matthew Babbitt battle it out in the back.

_DSC9102_Kyoshi_Shane McELrath_THunder Valley_National_Colorado_06042016Shane McElrath made the top ten.

_DSC9732_Christophe Pourcel_BTO_THunder Valley_National_Colorado_06042016Christophe Pourcel ended his day in ninth position.



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