We’ve traveled from to Houston to Tampa and we’re eager to see the East Coast 250 division battle it out once again. There’s plenty of riders who have what it takes to keep the top 10 interesting and after seeing Hunter Lawrence dominate qualifying with the red plate in hand, we have a feeling that the Honda rider will be the top force tonight. With that being said, riders like Jordon Smith, Max Anstie, Nate Thrasher, Michael Mosiman, Chance Hymas, and Haiden Deegan aren’t going to make it easier for the Australian. So who do you think will win? Will Hunter Lawrence extend his points lead even further? Find out down below as we report all the action LIVE!


Photos by Brian Converse


Nate Thrasher would just barely miss out on the Main Event win after Hunter Lawrence slid into a block pass in the last turn before the finish line.

Jeremy Martin and Haiden Deegan would squeeze across the holeshot line and by the second turn, Nate Thrasher would secure the lead. The 250 class would ensue in chaos as multiple riders would go down in the sand section.

Max Anstie would ride in second with Deegan in third. A battle for fourth would ensue as Michael Mosiman and Hunter Lawrence would get around Haiden. By the next turn after the sand, Michael held his newly acquired third place position from Hunter and Haiden Deegan would introduce himself by taking the fourth place position.

A lap later, Hunter Lawrence would take away Haiden’s line with Haiden playing it smart and holding it back.

A minute later, Hunter Lawrence would execute a close pass on Michael Mosiman for the third place position, resulting in Michael falling over in the corner just before the sand.

At the six minute mark, rain would fall on Raymond James Stadium creating slick track conditions.

On the final lap, lap traffic would play a huge factor resulting in Nate Thrasher being held up by lap traffic and Hunter Lawrence would catch up. The two would ride aggressive resulting in Hunter block passing Nate and taking the win.

1 96 Hunter Lawrence
2 29 Nate Thrasher
3 63 Max Anstie
4 238 Haiden Deegan
5 6 Jeremy Martin
6 128 Tom Vialle
7 31 Michael Mosiman
8 832 Chance Hymas
9 62 Jace Owen
10 99 Hardy Munoz
11 285 Coty Schock
12 243 Caden Braswell
13 57 Chris Blose
14 66 Henry Miller
15 58 Jordon Smith
16 125 Luke Neese
17 174 Luca Marsalisi
18 247 Brock Papi
19 339 Talon Hawkins
20 170 Devin Simonson
21 86 Josiah Natzke
22 460 Michael Hicks

The battle for the lead had the entire stadium standing up.


The second Heat Race took off and it would be noneother than Haiden Deegan to secure the holeshot. The crowd erupted as the rookie led the second Heat Race. And with the rookie leading the race, 250 veteran Jeremy Martin chased him in second place.

Hunter Lawrence got a terrible start but would bob and weave to eighth place after two minutes. Jeremy Martin would have an issue at the exit of the sand corner and the race would result in two rookies leading the field.

With only a couple of minutes left in the race, the rain commenced once again.

Haiden Deegan would go on to win the second Heat Race of his career.

1 238 Haiden Deegan 8 Laps
2 832 Chance Hymas +02.924
3 6 Jeremy Martin +04.341
4 96 Hunter Lawrence +04.827
5 63 Max Anstie +09.649
6 62 Jace Owen +24.761
7 66 Henry Miller +28.149
8 339 Talon Hawkins +29.390
9 243 Caden Braswell +32.588
10 99 Hardy Munoz +32.588
11 170 Devin Simonson +39.683
12 91 Jeremy Hand +40.811
13 330 A J Catanzaro +48.991
14 167 Jesse Flock +51.503
15 511 Jace Kessler +52.304
16 874 Zack Williams +58.907
17 958 Matthew Curler 7 Laps
18 115 Jonah Geistler +22.605
19 351 Jack Rogers +31.258
20 208 Logan Leitzel DNF


Yep, Haiden Deegan just won the second Heat Race of his career at 17 years of age.


Nate Thrasher dominated the first Heat Race.

Nate Thrasher led the 250 field across the holeshot line with a three man pileup occurring just at the end of the first turn including Chris Blose, Michael Mosiman, and Jack Chambers. The carnage continued as two more riders went down in a following rhythm section. The track proved to be far slicker than the qualifying session due to the weather just before the opening ceremonies.

Jordon Smith would also go down but recover making his way up to fourth place. his teammate Nate Thrasher ran away with the lead with over a 6 second gap.

Tom Vialle was riding well sitting in second place but it didn’t take long for Jordon Smith to catch up to the KTM rider. After being in last place, Michael Mosiman found himself in fifth place with only a minute remaining in the race.

With two laps left, Jordon Smith made the pass on Tom Vialle for second place in the turn following the sand section.

Nate Thrasher would go on to win the first Heat race of the night.

1 29 Nate Thrasher 8 Laps
2 58 Jordon Smith +07.014
3 128 Tom Vialle +09.256
4 460 Michael Hicks +20.402
5 31 Michael Mosiman +24.728
6 285 Coty Schock +29.575
7 174 Luca Marsalisi +41.300
8 86 Josiah Natzke +43.129
9 57 Chris Blose +43.854
10 247 Brock Papi +44.673
11 242 Garrett Hoffman +51.767
12 300 Lane Allison +55.520
13 50 Marshal Weltin 7 Laps
14 602 Gage Linville +01.292
15 137 Ayden Shive +04.904
16 614 Quinn Amyotte +12.612
17 427 Cole Bradford +13.792
18 125 Luke Neese +44.763
19 192 Jack Chambers DNF
20 67 Cullin Park DNS


Michael Mosiman would be one of three riders to go down at the start of the first Heat but would ride all the way back up to fifth by the end of the race.


Weltin would lose out on the transfer spot after Simonson slammed into the HEP rider on the very last turn of the race.

Hardy Munoz took the holeshot and it didn’t take long for some of the LCQ riders to be sprawled out in the sand.

With a minute left in the race, Garrett Hoffman and Marshal Weltin would collide when their lines came together.

On the last turn Simonson would t-bone Marshal Weltin who sat in the transfer position, knocking the two loose and Simonson would move on to the Main Event.


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