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The 2023 Seattle Supercross is the 11th round of the Monster Energy Supercross season, but it’s only the fifth round of the 250SX West coast regional division. The West riders are fresh off a four-week break, then the series will take one weekend off before racing again on April 8th, in Glendale, Arizona. Jett Lawrence has been the headlining athlete of the 250 West class, but there is a hungry group of riders behind him, looking to put an end to his domination of the season. Jett has three out of four wins so far, only missing out on the 2023 Anaheim 2 Supercross triple crown overall, and it was Levi Kitchen who got the win at that one.

Scroll below to see the 250 Heat race, LCQ, and Main Event results, presented by Hoosier tires, as they come in from the Seattle Supercross.



Jett Lawrence 2023 Seattle SupercrossJett Lawrence wins his fourth race of the season. 

Jett Lawrence grabbed a fifth-place start, but quickly made his way to third before the end of the first lap. Stilez Robertson got the holeshot with privateer Kawasaki rider, Hunter Yoder, in second. Jett made the pass on Yoder on lap two and quickly got on the rear wheel of Robertson. Then, McAdoo and Hampshire passed Yoder two laps later. Mitchell Oldenburg was fifth early, but he slid out before the whoops, allowing Levi Kitchen to get by him. With 10:00 minutes to go, Jett Lawrence makes the pass on Stilez Robertson, and then, two sections later, while side-by-side with McAdoo, Stilez goes down hard in the whoop section, knocking himself out of the race. Cameron McAdoo and RJ Hampshire kept Jett Lawrence honest, but they were never able to get within two seconds of him during the mid-section of the race. Then, Cameron passed RJ Hampshire, to get into second.

At the end of the race, just before the white flag, RJ Hampshire made a blistering pass on Cameron McAdoo to get into second and he held it to the finish, while Jett Lawrence fought through lap traffic to finish second.

Pos. # RIDER
1 18 Jett Lawrence
2 24 Rj Hampshire
3 48 Cameron Mcadoo
4 56 Enzo Lopes
5 34 Max Vohland
6 43 Levi Kitchen
7 33 Pierce Brown
8 52 Carson Mumford
9 49 Mitchell Oldenburg
10 83 Cole Thompson
11 59 Robbie Wageman
12 42 Joshua Varize
13 53 Derek Drake
14 508 Hunter Yoder
15 41 Derek Kelley
16 604 Max Miller
17 981 Austin Politelli
18 111 Anthony Rodriguez
19 84 Mitchell Harrison
20 89 Kaeden Amerine
21 173 Hunter Schlosser
22 40 Stilez Robertson


Levi Kitchen 2023 Seattle Supercross-8556

Levi Kitchen grabbed the holeshot with Cameron McAdoo and Jett Lawrence behind him early. Jett passed Cameron, but then Cameron got back by him and they played cat and mouse for a few laps, letting Levi Kitchen pull away in the lead at his hometown race. After going back and forth, Jett passed Cameron, but then Cameron tripled onto the tabletop when Jett doubled, and as he jumped off the table, he collided with Jett Lawrence, sending them both to the ground. It was a dramatic take out that looked to be McAdoo’s fault from our angle in the stadium. In the end, they both got up quickly and Jett was able to smoothly pass McAdoo again and pass Stilez Robertson to finish second in the heat race still, with McAdoo fourth, impressive for both of them after crashing mid-race.

1 43 Levi Kitchen
2 18 Jett Lawrence
3 40 Stilez Robertson
4 48 Cameron Mcadoo
5 34 Max Vohland
6 49 Mitchell Oldenburg
7 41 Derek Kelley
8 59 Robbie Wageman
9 604 Max Miller
10 173 Hunter Schlosser
11 76 Dominique Thury
12 636 Luke Kalaitzian
13 85 Dilan Schwartz
14 126 RJ Wageman
15 503 Mcclellan Hile
16 446 Blaine Silveira
17 121 Chris Howell
18 500 Julien Benek
19 981 Austin Politelli
20 645 Colby Copp


Cameron McAdoo Jett Lawrence 2023 Seattle Supercross-1096 Cameron McAdoo Jett Lawrence 2023 Seattle Supercross-1096Cameron McAdoo Jett Lawrence 2023 Seattle Supercross-1096 Cameron McAdoo Jett Lawrence 2023 Seattle Supercross-1096 Cameron McAdoo Jett Lawrence 2023 Seattle Supercross-1096 Cameron McAdoo Jett Lawrence 2023 Seattle Supercross-1096 Cameron McAdoo Jett Lawrence 2023 Seattle Supercross-1096 Cameron McAdoo Jett Lawrence 2023 Seattle Supercross-1096Cameron McAdoo and Jett Lawrence had a dramatic battle in 250 Heat 2. 

Stilez Robertson 2023 Seattle Supercross-9514
Stilez Robertson finished third in his Heat. 


RJ Hampshire 2023 Seattle Supercross-8671RJ Hampshire’s night didn’t start well, he was way back off the start, fighting his way through the pack.

The 250 Heat race one start had two Kawasaki’s at the front of the pack, privateer, Hunter Yoder, was first, with Carson Mumford, the Pro Circuit Kawasaki fill-in rider second. Then, on lap three, Carson and Pierce Brown passed Hunter Yoder. Pierce was faster than Carson early, but Mumford picked up the pace after getting into the lead. Main Event front runners, RJ Hampshire and Enzo Lopes both had bad starts and had to pass their way through the field.

On the last lap, RJ Hampshire made the pass on Hunter Yoder for third place, to get a better gate pick for the Main Event. While Pierce Brown took the checkers first, after passing Brown late in the race.

1 33 Pierce Brown
2 52 Carson Mumford
3 24 Rj Hampshire
4 508 Hunter Yoder
5 42 Joshua Varize
6 56 Enzo Lopes
7 89 Kaeden Amerine
8 83 Cole Thompson
9 111 Anthony Rodriguez
10 93 Jerry Robin
11 53 Derek Drake
12 84 Mitchell Harrison
13 162 Maxwell Sanford
14 410 Brandon Scharer
15 517 Ty Freehill
16 158 Tre Fierro
17 117 Nicholas Nisbet
18 98 Geran Stapleton
19 79 Dylan Walsh
20 246 Chance Blackburn



Derek drake 2023 Seattle Supercross-9753Derek Drake wins the 250 LCQ.

1 53 Derek Drake
2 173 Hunter Schlosser
3 84 Mitchell Harrison
4 981 Austin Politelli
5 93 Jerry Robin
6 162 Maxwell Sanford
7 85 Dilan Schwartz
8 76 Dominique Thury
9 636 Luke Kalaitzian
10 446 Blaine Silveira
11 410 Brandon Scharer
12 503 Mcclellan Hile
13 98 Geran Stapleton
14 645 Colby Copp
15 126 RJ Wageman
16 121 Chris Howell
17 246 Chance Blackburn
18 117 Nicholas Nisbet
19 158 Tre Fierro
20 517 Ty Freehill
21 500 Julien Benek
22 79 Dylan Walsh


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