WHAT IS IT? Developed by Yamaha for Yamaha, the GYTR hydraulic clutch kit was created as an alternative to the stock cable-operated clutch system. The hydraulic kit is specially tuned to optimize the disengagement zone, decrease lever load and minimize maintenance. It self-adjusts according to clutch heat and wear in all conditions to eliminate the need for a manually adjusted clutch lever.

WHAT’S IT COST? $299.99.

CONTACT? or (800) 360-5468.

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with the GYTR hydraulic clutch for the 2023–’24 Yamaha YZ450F models.

(1) Concept. GYTR stands for “Genuine Yamaha Technology Racing,” and it is Yamaha’s in-house brand for its aftermarket parts. The GYTR catalog features hop-up parts, high-compression pistons, clutch baskets, high-flow air filters and even full top-end performance kits. We’ve tested many GYTR parts over the years, but the hydraulic clutch kit has to be one of the most exciting new products from GYTR in some time. 

(2) Eli Tomac. When Yamaha was developing the 2023 YZ450F platform, we knew the hydraulic clutch had a good chance of making it onto the production bike; however, Eli Tomac was a big proponent of keeping the cable clutch. He abuses the clutch, and he hated the Nissin hydraulic system when he rode for Kawasaki. Between Eli Tomac and the other Yamaha decision makers in Japan, the cable clutch stayed and the hydraulic kit was added as an optional upgrade for the Yamaha YZ450F. Because of this, the 2023 YZ450F cases were specially designed to accept the hydraulic system without modification. 

(3) Performance. The 2023–’24 YZ450F is known for its incredibly strong engine. Even though it’s not the most powerful bike in the horsepower category, it comes on with authority in the low-end and is so strong that most of our test riders detuned the initial “hit” of the power. Because of the strong hit, the clutch is used even more than normal on the YZ450F, as test riders try to modulate the power and harness the beast that is the YZ450F. With the cable clutch, our testers were constantly having to adjust play at the lever to compensate for how hot the clutch was getting. Plus, the cable-actuated engagement window is tiny. It gives a very on-off feel, which makes it harder to be precise with the power delivery.

Once we installed the GYTR hydraulic clutch kit, our test riders found the window of engagement to be broader and more forgiving. The test riders didn’t have to worry about adjusting the clutch play, and they didn’t have to be as precise when slipping the clutch. It calmed down the initial hit and gave our test riders more confidence on the track. 

Of course, if you’ve been a longtime cable-clutch user and you like the on-off feel of the cable, it might take time to get used to the hydraulic system. But, we’ve found that most riders adapt quickly and appreciate the benefits of hydraulic. Plus, for anyone who has ridden a KTM, you’ll feel right at home, because the GYTR hydraulic clutch kit is made by Brembo. 

(4) Fitment. The new hydraulic setup fits on the 2023–2024 YZ450F models and the 2024 YZ450FX and WR450F off-road models. The GYTR kit comes with a Brembo clutch lever, Brembo hydraulic master cylinder, braided steel hydraulic line, hydraulic clutch piston seal kit and a new push rod.

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? We wish that Yamaha would have made the hydraulic system stock in 2023-2024, so you wouldn’t have to pay the extra three Benjamins for it. We also wish it would fit on the 2024 YZ250F.

MXA RATING: Plain and simple, we loved the GYTR hydraulic system and are never going back to a cable clutch! The hydraulic clutch solved more problems than we expected it would. It makes the YZ450F engine easier to manage and more fun to ride. 


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