WHAT IS IT? The XPLOR Pro 8950 shock is the most innovative shock absorber on the market. It features Supertrax technology, which provides high- and low-speed rebound damping, is equipped with an LDS (Linked damping system) and offers an innovative design that increases rear-wheel traction and responsiveness.

WHAT’S IT COST? $2,250 (shock). 

CONTACT? or your local dealer. 

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out on the XPLOR Pro 8950 shock. 

(1) Design. WP’s XPLOR Pro 8950 shock uses an updated version of their old-school “drop-out shock” tech that provides high- and low-speed rebound damping. It allows the rebound damping to respond when it feels the shock is lagging behind the bumps. It optimizes rear-wheel grip and responsiveness. 

(2) Shock. WP’s XPLOR Pro 8950 shock will have you standing in the garage and just staring at your motorcycle. The beautiful billet shock body paired with red-anodized adjustment clickers had our testers drooling. All of our test riders thought this XPLOR shock complemented KTM’s chassis extremely well. Its ability to keep the rear wheel on the ground under large downhill braking bumps allowed us to brake later coming into turns. On corner exits, we found more traction on flat corners, as well as in ruts with large chop on the exit.

(3) Features. This innovative shock absorber features an all-new Supertrax technology that allows adjustment to the high- and low-speed rebound damping via the TXN adjuster (found on the left side of the shock clevis). Supertrax allows additional fine-tuning of the shock to allow maximum traction while maintaining comfort and bottoming resistance in the bumps. Also included on the WP XPLOR Pro 8950 shock is an integrated, gear-driven preload adjuster to facilitate easy and hassle-free sag adjustment on the motorcycle. 

(4)  Performance. After 20 hours and countless motos, our test riders found that with just a few clicks in either direction they were able to race motocross and Grands Prix, as well as find comfort over slower, more technical enduro loops. We recommend the low-speed compression on five clicks out (four clicks for a pro, 10 clicks out for an enduro), high-speed compression 35 clicks out, rebound 26 clicks out, TXN adjuster two clicks out, and the sag set at 104mm. 

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? How can we complain about added comfort and traction?

MXA RATING: Aftermarket shock absorbers are very expensive, because they are tuned like a Swiss watch. They have more setting options than any shock on the showroom floor today. It is a shock that lets the rear wheel follow the ground. Great shock.


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