The 2015 KX250F benefits from thoughtful modifications that enhance the performance and lessen some of the previous problem areas—most notably the all-new oversize front brake, heavier flywheel mass and new upstream injector.



1. The 249cc engine receives a new, reinforced Bridged Box piston borrowed directly from the factory race bikes. The light and strong Bridged Box piston design for the KX250F has short skirts with reinforced external ribs for increased strength. The added reinforcement increase the weight of the new piston, but a lighter piston pin helps get some weight back.

2. The exhaust system gets a shorter head pipe equipped with a resonance chamber to enhance low-end power. The KX250F uses the KX450F’s high-volume muffler to assists with mass centralization and makes better top-end power. The pipe is AMA amateur legal at 94 decibels.

3. The ECU system has a new magneto rotor with greater inertia to match the increased acceleration performance. The standard rotor now weighs 9.5 kg/cm, which is up from 9 kg/cm on the 2014 model.

4. Kawasaki’s Dual-Fuel (DFI) injection system utilizes two injectors that deliver a second squirt of fuel under acceleration to maximize the engine’s power. For 2015 the four hole injectors have been revised with the upstream injector dispersing 120ºm droplets, while the downstream injector’s droplet size has been reduced to 75ºm. With a finer droplet size and wider spray pattern, the downstream injector contributes to a stronger low- to mid-range power.

5. Launch Control System returns for 2015, helping to ensure holeshot supremacy. The push-button activator retards ignition timing in first and second gears, which, in turn, maximizes traction. Once the rider shifts into third, normal ignition mapping is resumed and full power returns.


6. For 2015, the Showa Separate Function Fork (SFF) has new valving. These are not air forks, but instead have a coil spring in the right fork leg and oil damping in the left leg. The SFF forks have a super-hard titanium coating on the inner fork tubes to prevent abrasion and green anodized caps and a new silver finish on the outer fork tube compliments the package.

7. The Showa shock has firmer settings to match the front fork upgrades The shock features high- and low-speed compression damping and a self-lubricating alumite coating on the inner surface of the shock cylinder wall to avoid abrasion, reduce friction and smooth the suspension action.

8. Kawasaki has upped the ante for 2015 with a 270mm, oversized, petal-shaped front brake rotor to replace last year’s 250mm front rotor. It is paired with a 240mm Braking rear rotor.

9. The lighter rear subframe is shared with the KX450F.


10. The 2015 KX250F has a new four-position upper triple clamp with two sets of handlebar mount slots. These offer the rider the choice of four bar positions, including 25mm forward, 15mm forward, standard or 10mm back. Plus, the KX250F borrows the two-position, adjustable footpeg brackets from the KX450F. The footpegs can be lowered 5mm on the frame.

11. The 2015 KX250F look is highlighted by factory-style graphics, green engine plugs, oil cap and generator cover plugs, as well as green alumite suspension adjusters and black alumite wheels.

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