(1) Lock-on grips. ODI is the leader in lock-on motocross grips. The ODI Lock-On grip has simplified the installation and security of the grips to give the rider a solid, no-twist feel. Plus, you get a new throttle tube with every purchase. Gone are the days when you needed to spend time and energy maintaining throttle tubes. 

(2) Mounting. The clutch-side ODI Lock-On grip slides on and is secured by a 3mm Allen bolt. The Allen bolt cinches down an aluminum clamp on the inside of the grip to hold it securely to the handlebar. The throttle-side grip also slides on, and with it comes the built-in throttle tube and selection of snap-on throttle cams. It couldn’t be simpler.

(3) Durability. Standard grips rely on glue and/or wire to fasten them on the handlebar. You have to wait for the glue to dry before you can ride. Most riders wire on their glue-on grips just to be double safe. The wire can easily slice through the grip if pulled too tight. Additionally, in a tip-over, the handlebar can easily puncture the end of a rubber grip and stick out. Because the ODI Lock-On grips aren’t glued directly onto the handlebar but built onto a plastic tube (similar in dimensions and thickness to a throttle tube), the possibility for a blow-out is significantly reduced. 

(4) Version 2. The primary update made between generations one and two of the ODI Lock-On grips is the clamping system. The V2 Lock-On grip uses a more robust single clamp on the clutch side for a cleaner look and more grip space without the extra lock ring of the original models. The V1 Lock-On grip had an individual throttle tube for every model of bike, and the V2 uses one universal throttle tube with OEM-replica throttle cams that securely snap on to the throttle tube to match each throttle cable location. 

ODI Grips Emig Pro V2 Lock-on grips-2

(5) Throttle cams. With the snap-on throttle cams and universal throttle tubes, time and money spent buying and installing separate throttle tubes is saved; plus, you can easily switch your lock-on grips over to another bike. Each Lock-On grip set comes with six different throttle cams to fit the most popular bikes. If none of these work with your bike, there are 11 different cam options (not included) to choose from to meet your requirements.

(6) Emig Pro. The Emig Pro V2 Lock-On grip is the recipient of ODI’s latest technology. Instead of a classic waffle pattern, the Emig Pro has three raised traction ribs made from extra-soft rubber running along the outer 60 percent of the grip. The traction ribs are undercut, independent from the rest of the grip and angled to offer a strong connection between your hand and the bar. The grip also features a slightly raised barrel section that conforms to the natural shape of your palm to improve padding and reduce vibration. The raised center isn’t noticeable unless you’re looking for it, but it does show that ODI is innovating ways to improve grip.

(7) KTM spec. ODI is spec’ed as the stock grip on KTM, Husqvarna and GasGas models. OEM replacement grips and throttle cams are specific to each bike. They are sold to KTM, GasGas and Husqvarna in bulk, and packaged for Power Parts sales. Compared to the aftermarket ODI Lock-On grips, the OEM KTM grips have a firmer rubber compound for durability. They can only be purchased through a KTM, GasGas or Husky dealer.

(8) Options. ODI started working with Jeff Emig in 2013 with the introduction of the Emig V2 Lock-On grip, which is still available today. In 2019, ODI introduced the new Emig Pro V2 Lock-On grip. It is ODI’s top-of-the-line grip. Beyond the Emig grips are the V2 Lock-On half-waffle, V2 Lock-on half-waffle Pro (with a softer rubber compound), V2 Lock-On full-diamond grip, and the V2 Lock-On Rogue grip (with raised rubber padding to increase durability and reduce vibration). 

ODI Grips Emig Pro V2 Lock-on grips-2

(9) Manufacturing. ODI’s headquarters and manufacturing facility are in Riverside, California. With the two divisions being under one roof, the quality control, customer service, sales and marketing teams are able to watch the grips go through the assembly line from beginning to end to ensure top quality. 

(10) Non-Lock-On. Although ODI is best known for its Lock-On system, ODI offers standard slip-on grips and even has a line of standard throttle tubes. The three types of ODI Fusion throttle tubes are compatible with the same snap-cam system used on the ODI Lock-On grips, and they each have a nylon sleeve on the inside to lessen drag on the handlebars and to alleviate metal-to-metal contact and scarring, which can cause residue to accumulate.


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