Photos courtesy of Equipe de France and taken at Villars-sous-Ecot. To view more images, please click here.

Christophe Charlier is the MX3 (Open) class rider for Team France. The French have a strong team this year, given that Charlier is considered the weak link, yet he finished fourth overall in the 250 standings.

Gautier Paulin (16) and Jordi Tixier (17) were the obvious choices for Team France. Tixier finished second in the 250 point standings (behind Jeffrey Herlings) and Paulin finished fifth in the 450 class (with four moto wins).

Olivier Robert (standing) is the manager of Team France. He is actively involved with helping his riders do well.

Charlier and Tixier at speed.

Jordi Tixier is one of the few riders capable of putting pressure on two-time 250 GP champ, Jeffrey Herlings. Tixier will have his hands full at the MXDN, squaring off against Ken Roczen, Eli Tomac, Jeremy Van Horebeek and others.

The MXDN format involves team members racing against one another. Charlier (18) and Tixier (17) will line up on the same gate in the combined 250/Open race in Germany.

If it hadn’t been for a late season injury, Gautier Paulin would have been higher in the point standings. However, he’s healthy and ready to go for Germany.

Team France looks primed and ready to compete at the 2013 edition of the Motocross des Nations in Teutschenthal, Germany. They are considered one of the contenders for the coveted Chamberlain Trophy. If they win it will be for the first time since 2001 (it was the only time that France won the event, and was also the year that U.S.A. didn’t send a team due to the tragedy of 9/11).

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