BETA 450RX: $10,999

After four years of prototype testing, Beta is officially going to market with its new 450RX, the first motocross-specific four-stroke from Beta. The Italian brand is also racing AMA Supercross in 2024 on the new steed with Colt Nichols and Benny Bloss.

GASGAS MC450F: $10,399

All new for 2024, the GasGas MC450 has an updated frame and engine, and features a BrakTec clutch and brakes, no map switch, an exhaust system without a resonance chamber, and forged aluminum triple clamps. 

HONDA CRF450: $9699

The CRF450 is unchanged for 2024, but it’s coming off a successful Supercross and motocross season. The Showa fork and shock were updated in 2023, and the engine is very smooth, with a controllable power delivery that we appreciate. 


The Honda CRF450 Works Edition comes stock with a hand-ported head, a Yoshimura RS12 exhaust system, coated Showa suspension, a Hinson clutch basket, Throttle Jockey seat cover, and custom ECU mapping and different suspension settings.

HONDA CRF450R-S: $8,899

Honda also offers a unique CRF450R at a reduced price each year. It’s called the CRF450R-S, and it is essentially a 2022 CRF450 without the minor suspension and frame updates that came last year in 2023. It’s a smart bargain buy.

HUSQVARNA FC450: $11,199

The Husqvarna FC450 is based off the KTM components, with forks that are 10mm shorter and a shock with a revised linkage ratio, all to lower the seat height by 1 inch. Paired with the closed-off airbox, the Husqvarna FC450 is a vet-friendly bike. 

KAWASAKI KX450: $10,399

The Kawasaki KX450 is all new for 2024. The frame has been altered to fit the new center port exhaust and optimize front wheel traction. It also features a handlebar-mounted map switch and smartphone connectivity for adjusting the bike’s power characteristics. 


Kawasaki is celebrating its 50-year anniversary of KX models with a 1990s-inspired graphic scheme. For $300 more, you receive the all-new 2024 KX450 with retro splash graphics, silver rims and a blue seat.

KTM 450SXF: $11,099

The KTM 450SXF was all new for 2023, and it only received minor suspension refinements for the new model season. The KTM comes with a WP air fork, chromoly steel frame, Brembo brakes, a 60-horsepower engine and a Belleville washer spring clutch. 

SUZUKI RM-Z450: $9,199

Ken Roczen put Suzuki on the map in 2023. Suzuki didn’t make any technical changes, but did offer some incentives for early buyers. Up until December 31, Suzuki buyers gained RM Army Edition graphics and a full Pro Circuit exhaust system for free. 

YAMAHA YZ450F: $9,999

The 2023 Yamaha YZ450F was MXA’s “450 Shootout” winner. It introduced an all-new chassis, updated engine, Kayaba SSS suspension and smartphone connectivity. The 2024 YZ450F is unchanged from the 2023 model. 


1974 was a big year for both Kawasaki and Yamaha, with both Japanese manufacturers launching their new two-stroke motocross bikes. The 50th anniversary YZ450 comes in white plastic with purple and pink graphics and a purple seat following the ‘90s-inspired theme. 

GASGAS MC350F: $10,099

The KTM and Husqvarna were all-new in 2023, but GasGas didn’t get any of the updates. For 2024, GasGas has joined the bandwagon with an updated bigger bore, shorter-stroke engine, all-new chassis and radically redesigned plastic. 

HUSQVARNA FC350: $10,999

The 2024 Husky FC350 is the perfect vet bike. Don’t get us wrong; young guns like it, too. It sits 1 inch lower than the KTM and GasGas, which means it’s a prime candidate for railing corners no matter what your age is. 

KTM 350SXF: $10,899

The KTM 350SXF is the leader of the mid-size pack. It has a generously vented airbox and is “racier” than its Austrian siblings. The 350SXF is only 1 pound lighter than the 450SXF, but in motion, it feels lighter because of less rotating mass inside the engine. 

KAWASAKI KX250: $8,799

Kawasaki focused on the KX450 for 2024, so the KX250 is unchanged. The KX250 engine offers the highest horsepower number in the 250 class. While the KX450 comes with Showa suspension, the 2024 KX250 comes with Kayaba components. 

HONDA CRF250: $8,299

The Honda CRF250 is the lightest bike in the class at 219 pounds, and it has a great “torquey” style of power that our test riders love. It’s not the fastest bike, but it has an engine that is user-friendly. We recommend softening the stiff Showa forks.

GASGAS MC250F: $9,399

The GasGas is more affordable than its KTM and Husky brothers, but it’s significantly more expensive than its Japanese competition. Designed with plusher suspension than the KTM or Husqvarna, it is spec’ed with BrakTec hydraulics and Maxxis tires, but no map switch or resonance chamber.

HUSQVARNA FC250: $10,299

Husqvarna won MXA’s 250-class shootout in 2021 and 2022, but KTM has taken the cake the last two years. The 1-inch-lower seat height makes for a softer suspension feel and flawless handling that is tailored to young riders, novices and vets.

KTM 250SXF: $10,199

The KTM 250SXF was a close second to the KX250 in this year’s horsepower wars, but it feels stronger than the KX250 on the track because it offers better bottom-end pull. The KTM 250SXF has WP air forks, Brembo hydraulics and Dunlop MX33 tires. 

SUZUKI RM-Z250: $8,099

Suzuki hasn’t updated the RM-Z250 since 2019, but the BarX and HEP Suzuki teams are still making it work in the Pro ranks. Both the RM-Z450 and RM-Z250 now have smartphone-based engine tuning through the GET/Athena-made MX Tuner 2.0. 

YAMAHA YZ250F: $8,899

This 2024 YZ250F is all new, following in the exact footsteps of last year’s cutting-edge YZ450F. The chassis is new. The weight is decreased. The airbox is bigger, and the bodywork is redesigned. The YZ250F engine has new mapping and a new cam chain to improve durability. 


This bike is structurally the same as the standard 2024 blue YZ250F, but to celebrate the YZ’s 50th anniversary, it is offered in an all-white motif with throwback graphics. The blue and white YZ250s are identical under the plastic, but the white version has a $300 upcharge.

TRIUMPH TF 250-X: $9995

The Triumph TF 250-X will make its debut in the 2024 Supercross series. To race with the AMA, Triumph has to have 400 units available for sale to the public during the AMA season and they plan to have the bike available in late Spring 2024. The TF 450-X will follow next year.


Every year since 2012, KTM has offered a Factory Edition model that offers a preview of what’s to come the following year. The 2024-1/2 Factory Edition comes with some significant upgrades including a new more flexible chromoly steel frame, new engine mounts, updated suspension settings, and new shrouds. It has a new GPS connectivity unit, allowing you to customize the mapping with your smartphone, while also monitoring lap times, gear position and rpms around the track. Plus, you get the regular aftermarket upgrades like the Red Bull graphics, Powerparts wheels, start device and more.


The 2024-1/2 Factory Edition 250SXF has the same structural updates as the 450 Factory Edition model (new frame, engine mounts and GPS connectivity unit), and it has the factory Red Bull graphics, new tank spoilers, Ribbed Selle Dalla Valle factory seat cover, orange frame, KTM Powerparts triple clamps, gray soft ODI lock-on grips, Akrapovic slip-on muffler, D.I.D factory wheel set with black rims, black spokes, orange hubs and orange spoke nipples. It also comes with Dunlop MX34 tires, an orange rear sprocket and a gold chain. 


The new Rockstar Edition FC450 comes with the fancy white gloss chromoly steel frame, Rockstar Energy Husqvarna factory team graphics, a Guts seat cover, gray ODI lock-on grips, FMF 4.1 RCT slip-on muffler and more. Plus, because this is a preview of what’s to come on the 2025 FC450 models, the Rockstar Edition FC450 has a new frame, new connectivity unit for mapping via smartphone, new engine mounts for increased flex, updated suspension settings and more. 


The Husqvarna FC250 Rockstar Edition comes with our favorite glossy white chromoly steel frame and factory Rockstar Edition replica graphics. It also has the new frame changes that the Austrians have implemented on all six of their factory edition models to increase flex and comfort on the chassis. The stock 2024 Husqvarna models have a 1-inch lower seat height due to the shortened suspension, but the FC250/FC450 Rockstar Edition models have the standard height KTM-spec suspension. 


Based on the factory MC250F that Pierce Brown and Ryder DiFrancesco will race in 2024, the Factory Edition GasGas MC250F has the all-new connectivity unit which dramatically expands the world of mapping for your new factory edition bike. It has the factory replica graphics, Akrapovic slip-on muffler, gray ODI lock-on grips and more. 


Matching the Troy Lee Designs Red Bull GasGas team is the new 2024-1/2 MC450F Factory Edition with replica graphics, a ribber factory seat cover, factory Powerparts skid plate, factory WP start device and more. The GasGas also has a new frame, new engine mounts and new suspension settings with increased flex characteristics. It also has the new Dunlop MX34 tires, an Akrapovic slip-on muffler and the new connectivity unit which allows you to adjust the mapping with your phone and monitor lap times, gear position and engine rpms around the track.


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