WHAT IS IT? Developed with two-time 250 National Champion Jeremy Martin and the ClubMX Yamaha team, Gen3 Pro clamps are lighter and stronger than stock, featuring an adjustable offset and adjustable stiffness to customize your front-end feel. The clamps are available in black or blue anodized colors, and we tested them on the all-new 2024 Yamaha YZ450F. 

WHAT’S IT COST? $999.95 (triple clamps), $189.95 (rubber bar mounts), $109.95 (solid bar mounts).

CONTACT? or (858) 585-1100.

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with the Luxon MX Gen3 triple clamps for the 2023–2024 Yamaha YZ250F/YZ450F.

(1) Concept. Luxon MX essentially offers a four-in-one triple clamp with the ability to switch between 21mm, 22mm (stock), 23mm and 24mm fork offsets to fine-tune your YZ for your track conditions and riding style. Offset is the measurement of the distance the fork tubes are in front of the steering stem. Offset is not to be confused with the head, which measures the angle of your frame. The split clamping and topology-optimized design milled from 7075 aluminum make for a lightweight, strong and precise triple clamp that doesn’t sacrifice comfort.

(2) Stock versus Luxon. The Yamaha YZ450F won the 2023 MXA 450 shootout, and it’s unchanged for 2024. Although we love it, we acknowledge that it had some handling quirks. The front end is twitchy, sometimes unpredictable coming into corners, and shaky down fast straights. To begin this test, we rode with the stock-forged aluminum Yamaha clamps on which we have to tighten the steering-stem nut far more than normal so it can act as a steering damper. With the Luxon Gen3 Pro clamps in the stock 22mm offset (with bar mounts), our test riders reported increased front-end traction and a planted feel in the corners (and we didn’t have to crank down on the “poor man’s steering damper”).

(3) Bar mounts. New for Gen3 are the bar mount holes. The Luxon clamps are compatible with Xtrig bar mounts, as well as Luxon’s proprietary solid and rubber bar mount options (they will not work with the stock YZ bars mounts). We started our test with Luxon’s solid mounts before switching to their rubber bar mounts with the medium rubber compound installed. The rubber mounts were much easier on the hands, and test riders didn’t want to return to solid bar mounts. If you’re investing in these clamps, rubber is certainly worth the extra $80.

(4) Stiffening bracket. To further customize the Luxon clamps, the Gen3 Pro clamps come with a stiffening bracket that turns the split triple clamp into a solid design with a bracket that locks the two bottom clamp bolts together. Since we were testing on the rough Glen Helen National track, we didn’t like the bracket. It added stiffness that we didn’t want. The bracket was created to add stability during heavy G-loads in Supercross for Jeremy Martin, but we don’t see a need for it outdoors unless you ride like Weston Peick. 

(5) 23mm offset. When we switched the Luxon clamps’ offset to 23mm, the 1mm difference was noticeable right away. It improved front-end stability. Our test riders felt more confident on corner entrance when they chopped the throttle. It lessened wiggle in soft dirt, cut down on head-shake and eliminated wag in the steering input. 

(6) 24mm offset. We soon realized that the 23mm offset was the best setting after we tested the 24mm position. The 24s were more stable in a straight line than the 23s, but the 24mm offset gave up some of the nimbleness and easy-turning feel of the 23s. Our pickiest testers felt slightly disconnected from the front end. 

(7) Parts. Included with the clamps are two eccentric steering stem options, two OEM lower bearings/races/seals (installed), two offset inserts, braces for flex adjustment, titanium pinch bolts and anti-seize lube. Luxon’s Gen3 bar-mount riser kit is sold separately ($59.95), and comes with 5mm, 10mm or 15mm risers.

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? As with everything in 2024, we wish the price was lower. Thankfully, Luxon offers a standard Gen3 triple clamp that is slightly more affordable at $699.95.

MXA RATING: The Luxon MX Gen3 Pro triple clamps solved our biggest problems with the YZ450F, and are worth it for high-level riders and those who can afford to have the latest and greatest. We loved the 23mm-position with rubber Luxon bar mounts and 5mm bar risers.


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