If you don’t race at Glen Helen you’ve probably never heard of Randel Fout. He’s an MXA test rider, the 2023 Over-65 World Vet Motocross Champion, one of the nicest guys on the planet and a former Michigan Pro.

Randel Fout lives on a sailboat in Oceanside Harbor and surfs half the week and races every weekend. After winning all his motos at “Saturday at the Glen” this past Saturday he and son Josh Fout camped out for the night so they could ride the SRA Grand Prix on Sunday morning. Unfortunately, on a ridge as far as you can go and still be in Glen Helen Regional Park, Randel came up a double set of steep hills leading to a fast right-hand turn on top of a narrow ridge. He ran wide, ended up plowing through some brush before careening down the bank. He died instantly.

When he didn’t come around on what would have been his last lap, the sweep riders fanned out across the park and went looking for him. His body was almost invisible down the side of the hill, but after more than an hour of looking, one of the sweep riders saw the glint of an orange helmet in the trees. He got off his bike to take a look. He had found Randel and radioed back to race central where he was laying.

Randel Fout changing tires for an MXA test bike as Jody provides Randel with all the help he wants—which is none.

As strange as it may seem, MXA test riders got the news immediately and converged on Glen Helen to see for themselves if it was true. They came from as far away as Temecula, Laguna Beach and Costa Mesa (and Josh Mosiman and Dennis Stapleton called from the Triumph test in Florida). High on the lonely ridge, Josh Fout and his wife Gabby, Jody Weisel, Jon Ortner, Mike Monaghan and the valiant sweep riders waited by Randel’s side, while down below the other test riders awaited the final word.

Up on the ridge, which wasn’t accessible by a car or a van, the coroner finally arrived after four hours. Once Randel was safely on the stretcher, his friends who had gather by the coroner’s van, one by one, slowly paid their respects to Randel. Our thoughts are with Randel’s family. He has three sons, Josh, Jake and ten-year-old Logan (who luckily wasn’t with his father this weekend). Godspeed, Randel.

A Go Fund Me account has been set-up for young Logan Fout. All the funds will go to the aid and support of Logan Fout. If you like to donate please click here: www.gofundme.com/f/randel-fout-memorial-fund


Noah Viney (943) looked like he was shot out of cannon off the start of the Pro class, but didn’t start the second moto..

Cody Brownfield (124) took the 250 Pro win..

Josh Fout (64) won the Over-30 Pro class and also won the Open Expert on MXA’s 2024 KX450X.

Shawn Bushnell (56) got a chance to race MXA’s 2024-1/2 450SXF Factory Edition and won the Over-40 Expert class.

Alison Bushnell (13) took the gold in the Women’s class with a 1-1. 

Jim O’Neal (127) won the Over-70 World Vet Championship in 2016. Eight years later he’s still racing and going fast..

Billy Joe Mercier (501) took the Over-50 Expert class after a long lay-off from racing. Bill battled with Over-30 Expert winner Josh Fout (64), but couldn’t hold him off in either moto.

Val Tamietti (31) went 5-5 in the Over-60 Experts and then won the Over-65 Experts with a 1-1.

Steve Piattoni (262) took the Over-60 Intermediate victory with a 2-1 over Pete Anagnos’ 1-2.

David Cincotta (861) won the Vintage class with a 2-1 over Michael Lopez’s 1-2. 

Randy Skinner (88)won the Over-65 Intermediate with a 1-1 in front of buddy Marc Crosby for the second race in a row.

Gary Jones (88) finished fourth in the first Over-65 Expert moto, but DNFe’d the second moto.

When people asked Jody if he was sponsored by Camel cigarette because of the old-time logo on his jersey, he said, “No, I’d just like to have a camel as a pet.”

A broken hip and femur in April set Jon Ortner back, but he’s working his way into shape.  Jon went 3-8 in the Over-60 Experts.

Dave Eropkin (811) gets to the first turn ahead of Gary Jones (88) and Bob Rutten (83), but none of the three could hol -off Val Tamietti —who’s in last in the this photo. 

Dan Alamangos (33) and Mike Monaghan (34) hold their own personal 250 four-stroke versus 125 two-stroke shootout. Monaghan won the war with a 4th in the Over-65 Experts and a 7th in the Over-60 Experts.

Bob Rutten’s 3-3 resulted in a very predictable third overall in the Over-65 Expert class.

Will Harper (7) has been relaxing in Hawaii for the last couple months, but he’s back in the saddle again. Will went 9-7 in the Over-60 Expert class and 6-5 in the Over-65 Expert class.

Damian Collier (207) is the son of AMA Pro Sean Collier.Damian went 2-2 for second in the 125 Intermediate class.

Dean Zgang (771) was having so much fun racing in SoCal that the Chinese rider talked his parents into letting him stay an extra month. Dean’s 1-1 score swept the 85cc Beginner class.

Liam Bozarth (834) literally smoked the 50cc First Timer class with a 5-1 beating out Konner Sparks’ 1-5.

Tyler Jones (83) had a 7-4 day in the 85cc Beginner class, while Noah Horozwitz (01) went 3-3 for third..

Matthew Yarnell (157) went 2-3 for third overall in the 65cc Beginner class. .


If yo are looking for a racing oganization that offers long moto, low cost and  very consistent race schedule—this is it. “Saturday at the Glen” motocross will race again on March 16, March 23, April 13 and April 20. Pre-entry is only $30 ($25 for minis). Post entry is $40 ($30 for minis) on the day of the race. The Gate fee is $10 (per person). You can sign up for the next “Saturday at the Glen” motocross as late as the Friday before the next race (or just show up in person on race day). For more info go to www.glenhelen.com

Jan. 13…Winter Series #1 (Arroyo track)
Jan. 20…Winter Series #2 (National track
Feb. 3…Winter Series #3 (Arroyo track)
Feb. 24…Winter Series #4 (Arroyo track)
Mar.16…Winter Series #5 (National track)
Mar. 23…Spring Series #1 (Arroyo track)
Apr. 13…Spring Series #2 (Arroyo track)
Apr. 20…Spring Series #3 (Arroyo track)
May 4…Spring Series #4 (National track)
May 11…Spring Series #5 (Arroyo track)
June 1…Summer Series #1 (Arroyo track)
June 15…Summer Series #2 (National track)
July 6…Summer Series #3 (Arroyo track)
July 20…Summer Series #4 (Arroyo track)
Aug. 3….Summer Series #5 (National track)
Aug. 24…Fall Series #1 (Arroyo track)
Aug. 31…Fall Series #2 (Arroyo track)
Sept. 14…Fall Series #3 (National track)
Oct. 5…Fall Series #4 (Arroyo track)
Oct. 19…Fall Series #5 (Arroyo track)
Oct. 26…Winter Series #1 (National track)
Nov. 16..Winter Series #2 (Arroyo track)
Nov. 23..Winter Series #3 (Arroyo track)
Dec. 7…Winter Series #4 (Arroyo track)
Dec. 21…Winter Series #5 (National track)


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