WHAT IS IT? The great thing about the creativity of toolmakers is that there is a tool for almost any need—from bearing pullers to tappet adjusters to valve spring compressors to outer fork tube clamps. The DRC/Enzo outer fork tube clamp holds an ungainly fork tube securely so that it can be disassembled and reassembled without wrestling with the fork.

WHAT’S IT COST? $127.95.


WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with the DRC/Enzo outer fork tube clamp.

In the vice.

(1) Joint venture. Enzo Racing developed a tool that gives a mechanic with limited space in his garage or van the ability to hold his forks tightly while working on them. This suspension tool was Enzo Racing’s idea, but they formed a joint venture with DRC Products to put it into mass production. It is one of eight Enzo products that DRC helped co-develop. The list includes a base valve wrench that is designed to remove or tighten Kayaba, Showa and WP front fork-compression valve caps. Plus, a bench vise adapter for the base valve wrench to allow the tool to be held stationary in a vise. They offer a rear-shock high-speed compression adjuster tool that easily fits on the normally hard-to-adjust high-speed dial. Finally, there is a DRC/Enzo oil injector that makes it simple to increase the oil height of your forks via a calibrated syringe. 

(2) Target audience. The DRC/Enzo outer fork tube clamp is not aimed at the professional suspension shop. Most companies that work on forks on a day-to-day basis depend on an 8-inch bench vise with malleable or soft jaws to clamp the fork down on the workbench by the fork’s dropout. This requires a long, clear, uncluttered workbench with a metal oil pan under the vise to catch fluids. Suspension shops rarely work on forks in the vertical position or hanging over the edge of a workbench. But, if you are trying to work on your forks at home to save money, in the back of a box van at the racetrack, or in whatever space you use to wrench on your bike, the DRC/Enzo outer fork tube clamp comes in handy.

(3) Fitment. The DRC/Enzo outer fork tube clamp fits on Kayaba, Showa and WP fork stanchions (stanchions are the tubes that slide into the triple clamps). To make the DRC/Enzo outer fork tube clamp fit on all three brands of stanchion tubes, DRC includes a sleeve that downsizes the clamp’s diameter to 59.2mm for Kayaba and Showa forks, and with the sleeve removed, via two small screws, the clamp’s diameter is increased to 60mm to fit on WP stanchion tubes.(4) Usage. The DRC/Enzo outer fork tube clamp has a threaded lever on the side of the clamp that closes its jaws tightly on the fork. You can even remove the threaded lever from the outer fork tube clamp, so that the fork tube clamp can be placed in the vise anywhere along its length, not just by the fork dropout. Using the outer fork tube clamp is as easy as sliding it on the fork stanchion tube, tightening the threaded lever and holding the fork vertically while loosening the fork cap or base valve. Additionally, you can lay the fork on your workbench with the long arm of the tool stopping the fork from spinning by bracing it against the bench with the tool’s long arm.

On the bench.

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? This is an expensive tool, but if you learn to use it, it will pay big dividends.

MXA RATING: With the high cost of suspension services, there are many mechanically adept racers
who want to do the work themselves. The DRC/Enzo outer fork tube clamp makes that possible, easier, cheaper and safer. 

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