So many people have continued to request the Scott Face Mask that Curt Evans (the artist behind the project) and Jimmy Mac produced to help famous tuner Dave Miller in his fight with cancer. The sold out the first batch, but have produced a new production run. They are just two motocross guys trying to help out the family of a friend. Here is Curt Evan’s message and how you can get a few masks.

Three-time National Champion Tony DiStefano wearing his mask.

“Wow! Thanks so much for your interest in the Scott Face Mask and helping out Dave Miller’s family, ” Said Curt. “We appreciate your patience. We didn’t think the response would be so great after our initial run of over 400 masks allowed us to donate over $3500 to help Dave’s family! (Unfortunately, Dave lost his battle with cancer on May 22, but his family still needs our help, so we are not stopping our efforts to lessen their burden). The masks are $20 each for anywhere in the USA. Sorry, no foreign orders at this time). This includes shipping through the U.S. Mail. You can PayPal the money or send a check. Drop me an email at [email protected] and I’ll get you the details. The masks are back in stock and ready to ship. Moto people are the best!”
Curt Evans

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