Electricross claims that their electric motocross bike has twice the power of a Honda CRF150, weighs 100 pounds less and is silent. The Electricross Drift has a 19 horsepower (14,400 watt) electric vehicle and programmableÿcontroller.ÿThe power is storedÿin a special quick-changeÿpower pack that can deliver up to 600 amps, then it’s wrapped in the lightest handcrafted aluminum frame made in the USA. The design is so revolutionary, that we are patent pending on three patents.

The Electricross Drift produces almost 20 horsepower without making a sound.


Quick-ChangeÿPower Pack: The most unique feature of the Drift is the ability to replace the spentÿpower pack in seconds.ÿNobody wants to wait around for a dead battery to charge.ÿIt also makes racing more competitiveÿsince everyone can swap to a fresh pack after each heat.ÿEven though theÿpower pack is easy to remove, it is fully perimeter protected for safety.ÿThe design is patent pending. The Quick-Change system allows a variety of battery typesÿto be used because of its modular design.ÿ

The Drift’s drive train is conventional.

Lithium Power Packs: Electricross has developed a longer rangeÿLithium Ion power pack that willÿdouble the range.ÿThey also weightÿ30 poundsÿless.ÿ Electricross only use second generation Lithium Ion batteriesÿthat are safe and durable.ÿThese batteries are capable of extremely high discharge rates (60c pulse), 100% discharges and yet they have an extremely high cycle life of 1000 charges.ÿThese are great for long trail rides.ÿ However they cost a lot more and therefor we have some other good options.
Sealed Lead Acid EV Batteries: These power packs are great for motocross style riding where you can easily swap power packs.ÿ Each battery pack contains four 12 volt sealed lead acid batteries.ÿ These batteries are specially designed for use in electric vehicles.

Electricross recommends having 2 or 3 battery packs on hand for a good afternoon of riding.ÿEven with the heavier Lead Acid batteries, the Drift only weights 140 pounds which is 100 pounds less than a CRF150.

The $5500 Standard Package includes a Drift with Top Gun front fork, Manitou Metal RP rear shock, Quad Charge Power Pack and Quad Charger. The Top Gun fork is very strong and works well for both motocross and supermoto.

The swingarm mates motocross and mountain bike thinking.

Riders can choose between a 300 amp and 400 amp controller. The 400 amp controller provides a little bit more power, but also drains the Power Packs faster and will shorten their cycle life. The extra current can also be harmful to the motor. Of course both controllers are fully programable. The 400 amp controller works best with the higher amperage Fast Packs.

For more info call Electricross at (831)438-3500.

The Drift retails for $5500.

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