Rider: Jessy Nelson

Jessy Nelson was one of the most promising racers to ride a motorcycle. Coming from an amazing amateur career where he rode for Red Bull Jams and Honda he dominated every amateur national there was . Prior to going pro he was picked up by the Troy Lee Designs race team when they were still affiliated with Honda. His rookie year in outdoors he had a few breakout rides notably his seventh overall at the Freestone national his first year in 2012. His first win however did not come until 2015 at the Supercross west opener in Anaheim. His career was seemingly building up until he had a tragic accident that ended the run. Now Jessy can be seen racing UTV’s and enjoying his life outside of dirtbike racing.


Eli Tomac was able to grab his first win of the season this past weekend at the St. Louis Supercross. As many thought he would have done this a lot sooner in the year, the climb back from injury is usually one of the most tough things a rider can go through. Unfortunately, people wrote off Eli as someone who should retire because he is not as dominant as he was the year prior. Tomac has had great results this season but fans wanted to see him dethrone the dominance of Jett Lawrence. Well when dealing with a severe injury like Eli had tearing his Achilles tendon and taking a full year off racing, it is not a surprise that he had to build back. Eli Tomac dominated this past weekend and we should expect to see this momentum continue through the rest of the season.


It seems when the 250 season went East Coast, Levi Kitchen had some time to reflect and build on where he was struggling leading up to the break. Coming back in Seattle he proved that he was the man to beat and he backed it up this past weekend in St. Louis. Now Levi looks to be in the driver’s seat for a championship. They again will have a three-week break and when returning will be going against the top East riders in an East/West shootout. Kitchen spoke in the press conference after the St. Louis Supercross on how he is excited to go against the East riders and to prove that he is a winner for a reason.


A crazy turn of events this past weekend as Jett Lawrence went down hard after being struck by Justin Barcia in an accidental collision where Barcia was protecting the inside from Vince Friese and Jett Lawrence cut down off the berm and the two came together. For the championship, Jett was still able to manage eighth on the night and didn’t lose all that many points, but it did however give a glimmer of hope to Cooper Webb who sits in second overall only 8 points back with five races to go. When the championship seems to be getting away from you, a rider may not find it valuable to risk a win, but now with it within Cooper Webb’s grasp, the racing may get that much more interesting.


Cameron McAdoo holds a small lead on the factory KTM rider of Tom Vialle. 

POS. # NAME Total
1 63 Cameron Mcadoo 98
2 16 Tom Vialle 96
3 39 Pierce Brown 87
4 38 Haiden Deegan 82
5 69 Coty Schock 79
6 43 Seth Hammaker 72
7 59 Daxton Bennick 71
8 37 Max Anstie 62
9 48 Chance Hymas 60
10 33 Jalek Swoll 58
11 65 Henry Miller 58
12 75 Marshal Weltin 53
13 511 Nicholas Romano 43
14 6 Jeremy Martin 42
15 64 Austin Forkner 27
16 83 Guillem Farres 27
17 602 Gage Linville 22
18 128 Preston Boespflug 17
19 483 Bryton Carroll 17
20 296 Ryder Floyd 16
21 174 Trevor Colip 15
22 90 Hardy Munoz 15
23 86 Luca Marsalisi 10
24 682 Izaih Clark 10
25 92 Jace Kessler 8
26 60 Lorenzo Locurcio 8
27 56 Jeremy Hand 7
28 247 Brock Papi 6
29 93 Bryce Shelly 5
30 80 Michael  Hicks 4
31 208 Logan Leitzel 3
32 177 Tyler Stepek 3
33 435 Marcus Phelps 2
34 58 Cullin Park 2
35 212 Levi Kilbarger 2
36 964 Dominique Thury 2
37 242 Garrett Hoffman 1
38 751 Evan Ferry 0
39 89 Luke Neese 0


This map is straight from TM’s home page. It shows how many official TM dealers there are in the United States. How many are there? Zero!


Dear MXperts,
Why don’t you test TM bikes in MXA? You don’t include them in your shootouts, and I never see any TM tests. Is it because the Japanese brands spend more advertising dollars in your magazine than TM?

First and foremost, the MXA test riders have nothing to do with advertising. We don’t know anything about the ad budgets of any of the manufacturers, and we can assure you that how much money a manufacturer spends on advertising has nothing to do with our bike tests. Over the years, MXA has tested more TM motorcycles than any other magazine or website; however, all of those tests were done when former American TM importers Pete Vetrano and Ralf Schmidt handled the American market. When Ralf Schmidt had a falling out with TM’s Italian management, he moved back to Holland, ending any presence by TM in the USA. To his credit, Ralf tried to arrange a deal between TM and former importer Pete Vetrano, but TM Racing—under the management of Gastone Serafini’s sons—never responded.

We can’t test what we don’t have, and a quick look at TM’s official map showing the location of all the TM dealerships in the United States reveals that there are none. Any TMs currently being sold in the USA are either year-old models or bikes shipped in from Canada or Mexico.

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“It was an outstanding weekend for us here in St. Louis. We were finally able to get an overall win. I just felt really good the whole day – from qualifying to all three main events. Our starts were on point tonight, the riding was on point, and I was just back to my old self. So I’m just really happy to deliver a win for the team. I was getting in a bit of a slump or a rough patch, or whatever you want to call it. I feel like I’m back now, and I’m excited for the end of this series.”


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One tough dude. Michael Mosiman had a couple of hard crashes at the St. Louis Supercross. In qualifying he came up short on a triple in one of the rhythm sections which sent him over the bars and into the dirt hard. He would remount and finish off the session. In the second main of the evening he was caught mid pack off the start and had to double one of the triples getting landed on by another rider in the process. He would not finish the evening but he walked off under his own power and will return for the final races of the season.


Kevin Windham cooling off after a moto during the 2003 motocross Nationals where he battled tooth and nail with Ricky Carmichael.

MXA PHOTO TRIVIA: Mike Brown 2001 AMA 125 National Motocross champion who is probably the fastest Vet rider in the world to date.

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