MXA test rider and AMA Pro Ezra Lewis borrowed a KTM 300SX  from Pasha Afshar for the World Two-Stroke Championship next Saturday. He must have liked it because he was long gone from the rest of the pack.


MXA’S Josh Mosiman was racing the Pro class at the California Classic, but with over 30 classes on the National track, Josh came over to test different carburetors on his Pasha Racing KTM 150SX on the Arroyo track to get ready for next Saturday’s World Two-Stroke Championship. 

Glen Helen was jam-packed this weekend, virtually every square foot of the massive pit and parking area was taken by motor homes and trailers for off-road buggies, side by sides, quads, Calfirnia Classic racers and “Saturday at the Glen” racers. There was a chance of rain on Saturday, but apart from being unseasonably cool, especially after temperatures in the 90s on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, but the rain held off. At least the rain held of for the “Saturday at the Glen” race. The California Classic race was not as lucky. It was schedule as a two-day race and had over 30 different gate drops to complete the long drawn out program. As the :Saturday at the Glen ” racers were leaving Glen Helen’s Arroyo track, the Cal Classic riders were not even half way through their Saturday race program. Then, on Sunday, the rain come down about halfway through the California Classic program—and it poured..

Kevin Barda (96) took the 125 Expert win on a YZ125.

With the rescheduled Wiseco/Fasthouse World Two-Stroke race taking one race date away from “Saturday at the Glen,” there were lots of two-strokes at the Arroyo track, included in that number was Pasha Racing’s line-up of hopped up, carbureted, KTM 150SX machines—being ridden in a bundle of classes—most notably by AMA Pro Ezra Lewis who blew everyone away on his Pasha Racing KTM 300SX two-stroke in the Pro classes.

Shawn Bushnell (31) won the Over-40 Expert class on a Husky TC125.

The “Saturday at the Glen” racers are the last bastion of Saddleback racers from the 1970-’80s.  They are a hardy group who never quit racing when Saddleback, Indian Dunes and Carlsbad shut down. They originally moved to Perris Raceway with “Saddleback Saturday” race promoter Jim Beltnik and then to Glen Helen with REM’s Frank Thomason. This probably accounts for the large number of riders in the Over-50, Over-60, Over-65 and Over-70 classes. In fact, the Over-60 Expert class is the biggest class of the day (rivaled by the Over-60 Novices and Over-50 Experts) in size. The older racers create a more stable atmosphere—they have been racing for decades and set the standard for behavior that sinks in with the younger riders..

Alison Bushnell (13) swept both motos of the Women’s class in front of Breana Ball, Emily Cloud, Chloe Jakubowski, Shelby Swien and Tatum Juhnke.

It may sound strange, but even though Glen Helen’s track guy, John Allen, had to prep the National track, Arroyo track, Stadiumcross track and the truck track—everything was in close to perfect condition —save for the California Classic track on Sunday afternoon.. What follows are Debbi Tamietti’s photos of all the action from “Saturday at the GLen.”

Caleb Rice (695) took the Over-40 Intermediate victory with a 1-1 in front of Craig Bouman’s 2-2.

Alan Jullien (70) went 1-2 in the Over-50 Experts in front of a top five of Arek Kruk (4-1), Pete Murray (3-3), Pasha Afshar (6-4) and Chris Heinrich (5-5). The photo above is Luther French chasing Alan Jullien in the first moto. Luther finished second in the first moto, but DNF’ed the second moto. 

Pete Murray came back from his third in the Over-50 Experts to go 1-1 in the Over-60 Experts—in front of a top five of Ed Guajardo (2-2), Robert Reisinger (3-3), Val Tamietti (4-4) and Joe Sutter (5-5).

Robot Rodgers (12) leads Ray Poltack (223) and Val Tamietti (31) in the first moto of the Over-60 Experts. Robot was running fourth when he lost control over a step-up and whiskey-throttled over the outside berm and catapaulted down to the rock hard dirt below. He lay motionless for several minutes, but eventually got to his feet and took a ride in the medical mule back to his pit.

Pete Murray (left) rode Robot Rodger’s bike back to the pits. Robot (right) complained about his ribs, hip and back, but his worst ailment was a concussion. He did not ride moto two. 

Val Tamietti (31) was fourth in the Over-60 Experts, but dominated the Over-65 Experts to win both motos.

Desert Racing hero Bob  Rutten (83) checks the air pressure in his tires on his way to a 3-4 day in the Over-65 Experts behind former SoCal heroes Val Tamietti (1-1) and Dave Eropkin (2-2).

Ron Lawson (20) raced Dirt Bike’s 2024 Beta RX450 to a 5-3 day in the Over-65 Expert class. Here, Bob Rutten pressures him in the second moto.

Former Costa Mesa Speedway racer Randy Skinner (88) went 1-1 in the Over-65 Intermediates.

Mark Crosby (86) is the “Dentist to the Stars,” not the Hollywood stars, but the motocross stars (including Jett Lawrence). Marc went 2-3 for third overall in the Over-65 Intermediates. 

Will Harper (7) spent Saturday acclimating himself to his new Stark Varg.. He is trying to iron out the bugs before he commits to trying to run at the front of the pack.

Debbi Tamietti said, “Maybe I was a bit too close to the back of Bob Pocius’ rear wheel.” She got roosted, but thought the photo was worth it.

Corby Reutgen (513) took the Over-60 Novice class victory with a 3-1 over Nate Rauba’s 2-3, Chuck Peterson’s 1-5, Karl Sellenthin’s 5-2, Scott Hyde’s 6-4, Carmen Cafro’s 4-7, Howard Tresville’s 7-6 and John McCarroll’s 8-11.

Patrick Miranda won the 125 Intermediate class.

Curtis Craigmyle (17) went 2-4 in the 450 Novice class behind Blake Szumski (1-1) and Nawai Glushensko (3-2)..

Nigel Crosby (33) was running third in the 250 Novice class when he got cross-jumped on a steep drop-off.. He chose not to race the second moto. 

The skies were threatening all day long, but even though the Channel 5 weathermen predicted rain on Saturday, the starting lines were full. It did not rain until the next day.

Chloe Jakubowski (162) finished 4th in the Women’s class and 2nd in the 125 Beginner class.

Pasha Afshar (L7 ) has a big week ahead of him as the 2024 Wiseco World Two-Stroke Championship is this Saturday (with a two-stroke-only practice day on Friday). Pasha was second in the 125 Expert class and fourth in the Over-50 Experts

Cooper Console (10) pushed his Yamaha PW50 to fourth in Saturday’s 50cc PW/XR class with a 2-4.  The PWs and the 50cc First Timers ride on a modified track that doesn’t do the big hills.


If you are looking for a racing oganization that offers long motos, low cost and very consistent race schedule—this is it. “Saturday at the Glen” motocross will race again on May 4 and May 18 Pre-entry is only $30 ($25 for minis). Post entry is $40 ($30 for minis) on the day of the race. The Gate fee is $10 (per person). You can sign up for the next “Saturday at the Glen” motocross as late as the Friday before the next race (or just show up in person on race day). For more info go to www.glenhelen.com

Jan. 13…National track
Jan. 20…Arroyo track
Feb. 3…Arroyo track
Feb. 24…Arroyo track
Mar. 16…National track
Mar. 23…Arroyo track
Apr. 13…Arroyo track
May 4…National track
May 18…National track
June 1…Arroyo track
June 15…Arroyo track
Jul. 6…National track
Jul. 20…National track
Aug. 3…Arroyo track
Aug. 24…National track
Sept.14…Arroyo track
Oct. 5…National track
Oct. 19…Arroyo track
Oct. 26…Arroyo track
Nov. 16…National track
Nov. 23…National track
Dec. 7…Arroyo track
Dec. 21…National track


Starting at 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, the  Open Pro and 125 Pro classes of the 2024 World Two-Stroke Championship will be shown live on the Dirt Bike Youtube channel.

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