WHAT IS IT? The Blur Optics brand began making motocross goggles in the late 1990s. Although often associated with O’Neal Racing, Blur is a separate entity. 

WHAT’S IT COST? $99.99.


WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with the Blur B-60 magnetic goggles. 

(1) Concept. The new B-60 goggles come with a premium hard-shell goggle case and mirrored lenses. The B-60 goggles’ magnetic lens system allows for easy changing of lenses. Additionally, the B-60’s outrigger lens lock helps keep the lens secure, while the outriggers give the goggle a comfortable fit against your face. Thanks to the minimalist frame design, the B-60 offers a wide field of vision. Plus, triple-layer foam is used to boost comfort and keep sweat out of your eyes.  

(2) Lens. The Blur B-60 goggles have one of the best lens-changing systems we’ve seen. If you have a hard time switching between tinted and clear lenses, this is your goggle. The B-60 lens snaps in and out of its frame easily and doesn’t pop out by accident like other magnetic lenses, thanks to outrigger locks on both sides securing it. This isn’t the first-ever magnetic lens system, but we appreciate that in addition to the magnetic system, the B-60’s thicker dual-pane lens doesn’t flex as much as standard snap-in lenses. The comfortable inner frame and triple-layer foam help the goggles contour to your face. 

(3) Performance. The first things MXA test riders mentioned was how wide the field of view was. Plus, there are plenty of foam vents on the frame to help reduce sweat splash on the inner lens. Our pickiest testers didn’t like the dual-pane lens in conjunction with tear-offs. They also preferred the clear lens over the tinted mirror lens. 

(4) Options. The Blur Optics B-60 goggles are available in three colors: red, black and grey. They also offer standard tear-offs in a 10-pack, and they sell spare lenses in clear, radium red mirror and silver mirror. 

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? Blur Optics currently doesn’t offer the laminated tear-offs that hardcore racers want. If you don’t already use laminate tear-offs, then you won’t miss them; however, if you want laminated tear-offs from Blur, you’ll need the B-40 goggles. 

MXA RATING: The Blur Optics B-60 goggles have an easy-to-change magnetic lens, breathable frame and a wide field of view.



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