WHAT IS IT? The MyPitboard is a replacement handlebar pad that has been designed to hold a touchscreen GPS computer to display your lap times as you ride. The MyPitboard eliminates the need for a pit board, and it’s a great training tool for riders who want to track their progress in practice or in a race.

WHAT’S IT COST? $274.99.

CONTACT? or (631) 858-5016.

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with MyPitboard handlebar GPS lap-time tracking device.

(1) Concept. Many times in a race, or even at the practice track, it can be difficult for a rider to read their pit board as they roar on by‚ especially when they are in a battle. The MyPitboard device was created to simplify this process. In lap-time mode, the MyPitboard will display your lap time immediately after you cross the preset finish line. Plus, it will display your lap time throughout the entire lap up until you pass the finish again. This way the rider can look down at their handlebars to see their most recent time in green (if it was faster) or in red (if it was slower).

(2) Modes. The MyPitboard has many different modes, including traditional lap-time mode, real-time mode (showing only the length of your ride), section mode, segment mode and holeshot mode.

Segment mode allows you to split the track into two to five segments, helping you analyze your strong and weak points on the track each lap throughout the moto, and allowing you to determine the areas where your mistakes occurred most. 

Section mode is best for building raw speed, because it lets you set your start and stop location in different areas, allowing you to sprint through a section on the track to maximize intensity and determine which line is best.

We used Holeshot mode the least. With it, you set your start and finish lines and the device counts down before going blank, giving you a varying 1 to 5 seconds before flashing green and starting your time. It’s unrealistic, because the rider has to position their eyes on the bar pad and not in the front where a starting gate would be.

(3) Performance. In lap-time mode, the screen displays your most recent time, plus the elapsed time of your moto and how many laps you’ve completed. For our test riders, the device motivated them to push harder and ride smarter on the track. Because the device shares your lap time as it happens, you can make adjustments to your technique, line choice and intensity on the track, and see exactly how your effort affects each lap time as you cross the line.

(4) Setup. It’s best to show up to the track before it opens so that you can set your finish-line location on the track, as close to your main racing line as possible. Be careful where you set the finish line. Sometimes the device would miss a lap time if our race line wasn’t close enough to the GPS buffer zone. The device will remember your finish line from its last time you used it, but every time you go to a different track you’ll need to create a new finish line. Additionally, in a race, you can press “go” on the device minutes before the gate drops. This will affect the amount of time it takes to get from the start to your finish line, but it is best to do it early so you don’t forget at the last second.

(5) Options. The MyPitboard device comes with the option to choose either a black, red, blue, green or orange bar-pad color. Plus, you can purchase additional covers for $24.99 each and screen protectors for $7.49. Also, if you damage your screen and need a replacement, you can get a new one for $99.99 (shipping included in price).

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? There are a few small glitches. (1) The power button is covered up by the My Pitboard bar pad, making it difficult to turn on and off. (2) As soon you start a moto, the previous session’s lap times go away. The times don’t stay with the device, and they don’t upload to the internet. We had to take a picture of the times to keep track.

MXA RATING: If you’re a rider who loves to tinker, loves to analyze, loves to dissect and loves to improve, you’ll appreciate the MyPitboard. If you’re not an analytical rider, the MyPitboard won’t get used much.


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