WHAT IS IT? The Crossfire 3 SR boot is Sidi’s latest addition to its off-road boot lineup. The third-generation updates incorporated into the Crossfire 3 SR make it even better than before.

WHAT’S IT COST? $595.00.

CONTACT? or (877) 789-4940.

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with the Sidi Crossfire 3 SR.

(1) Build. The Crossfire 3 SR boot has a slim design that gave our test riders the well-connected, boot-to-bike feel they desire. There is an all-new ankle pivot system that incorporates a hard-limit stop to prevent ankle hyperextension. The Sidi Crossfire is famous for its excellent replaceable sole, but on the 3 SR, the sole has been updated with a thicker, more cupped design. The new shape allows your foot to rest deeper into the sole system for less slippage. The part of the dovetail, anti-skid, rubber sole that covers the arch area is replaceable with simple hand tools. 

(2) Buckles. Sidi’s buckles are unique in that each one is mounted with a single screw that acts as its fixed point. This single pivot allows each buckle to move independently of the other buckles. This makes for increased comfort, because the buckles can find their perfect centers. Because of this floating design, MXA test riders adjusted the straps tighter on the 3 SR than they would on other boot brands. The straps are equipped with a replaceable, micro-adjustable, cam-lock buckle system with memory-retention nylon straps.

(3) Fit. After wearing the Crossfire 3 SRs, test riders raved about the ultra-slim fit of the boots. The Sidi 3 SR boot has a snug fit around the ankle that is similar to that provided by Sidi’s original all-leather boots. The calf plate’s inner double adjustment lets the plate expand to fit riders with large calves or clunky knee braces. It should be noted that Sidi builds its footwear on Italian lasts (the shaped foot form that everything attaches to). What does that mean? If you have wide feet in an E, EE or EEE width, the Italian shape may be too slim for you.

(4) Replaceable pieces. Sidi offers a plethora of replaceable parts on its boots. All the bolt-on pieces on a Sidi boot are replaceable—from the shin plate to the buckles to the soles. There are 12 different replaceable pieces that can be swapped out to rebuild or customize your Crossfire 3 SR boots. This includes multiple color combinations.  

(5) Feel. The Crossfire 3 SR’s chassis is on the softer side, which is popular among MXA test riders. The MXA test riders enjoy being able to brake and shift without feeling restricted in motion. Each Crossfire 3 SR boot features five air vents and a Teflon mesh to help your foot breathe. (6) Durability. Because so many parts are replaceable, it is possible to double the lifespan of the Sidi boot. The third-generation SR soles are firmer than previous Crossfire boots’ soles. A laminated Technomicro material is used to make the boot water resistant. It also makes the leather easier to clean while reducing weight and increasing flexibility.

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? Our criticisms are focused on how complicated the Crossfire 3 SR is to put on. With the single-screw buckles, test riders had to pay more attention to lining up the straps. It takes a few steps across the pits before the boots adjust and feel comfortable on your feet. We occasionally had to re-tighten the straps after walking in the boot.


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