Lars Larsson flying the titanium Husky 400 to victory in the 1971 Inter-Am 500 Support class.

“Legends and Heroes” is proud to announce that we will honor Lars Larsson at around 3:00 p.m. at round four of the 2024 AMA Supercross Champ[ionship[ on January 27, 2024. Lars Larsson is the pioneering motocross and off-road racer from Sweden who helped introduce motocross racing to America in the late 1960s (when Edison Dye brought him over to demonstrate the Swedish motocross bikes to America). Lars was also a leading ISDT rider during the 1960s and 1970s, earning multiple gold medals riding for Team USA, Team Mexico and Team Sweden. Lars was also one of the original founders of Torsten Hallman Original Racewear (THOR) with Torsten and Birgitta Berlin.

The powerful Swedes! (from Left to right) Hakan Anderson, Torsten Hallman, Christer Hammargren, Arne Kring, Bengt Aberg, Lars Larsson and Gunnar Lindstrom in 1972.

During his Pro career he was a factory rider for Husqvarna, Penton, Can-Am, Maico and Kawasaki. Lars is still racing today at 83 years of age, although he is currently nursing a rotator cuff injury he got on his way to winning the 2023 Over-80 World Vet Motocross Championship (he also has World Vet titles in the Over-60 and Over-70 classes). Lars has been part of the MXA wrecking crew since 1973, was awarded the Edison Lifetime Achievement Award in 2016 and was inducted into the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame in 2002.

Lars has won six World Vet Championships in the Over-60, Over-70 and Over-80 classes. He wasn’t afraid when MXA assigned him to a Husqvarna FC450 with the number 13 on it. He said, “That’s my lukcy number because that is the date when I met my wife.”

Lars’ titanium Husqvarna 400. He sold the original years ago and had regrets so, he built an exact an exact replica.

Lars Larsson is 83 years young. Lars has been with MXA for decades and started testing bikes for them back in the early 1970s.

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