MX Sports recently released the 2020 National Classes and Supplemental Rules and KTM/Husky are pleased to announce that the KTM SX-E 5 and Husqvarna EE5  electric Pee-Wees are eligible for the brand new Mini-E (4-6) Jr. class, giving young racers the opportunity to participate in the world’s largest amateur motocross program – the AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship at Loretta Lynn’s – on an electric-powered mini bike.

2020 Husqvarna EE-5.

Sean Murphy, Husqvarna Race Team Coordinator, said: “Continuing the brand’s pioneering motocross journey, we couldn’t be happier to have the new EE 5 included in the first-ever electric Minibike class at Loretta Lynn’s. We look forward to seeing youngsters compete on these environmentally-friendly, easily adaptable machines now at the highest level of amateur motocross racing.”

Nathan Ramsey, Orange Brigade Team Manager, said, “I am very excited to be able to see our SX-E 5 race at Loretta’s in 2020. I believe it is a necessary step for our industry to look into the potential future of our sport. I am very happy to be a part of a company like KTM, who is always striving forward and always ‘Ready to Race.’ I can’t wait to watch those little riders have an electric battle!”

2020 KTM SX-E 5.

The KTM SX-E 5 is eligible for the Mini-E (4-6) Jr. class with the adjustable bodywork and suspension set to the lowest position, bringing the seat height below the 25-inch requirement. A lowering kit is also available from KTM and Husqvarna’s parts line for smaller racers. A seat height of just 22-inches can be reached with the internal suspension lowering kit installed and the bodywork and external suspension adjustments made. Restrictions for the new Mini-E (4-6) Jr. class include: battery energy limited to 1kWh; maximum (adjusted length) wheelbase of 41 inches; maximum wheel size of 12 inches; and maximum seat height of 25 inches. For more information on the KTM SX-E 5 or Husky EE 5, please visit www.husqvarna-motorcycles.com or www.ktm.com/us

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