Jake Canada was dominant at REM on Saturday. As he won both motos of the 450 Pro class with relative ease. Canada carried good speed and was especially quick on the steep downhills.Photo: Debbi Tamietti

Jason Lawrence (338) pressured Jake Canada for the first half of both motos and never truly lost contact, but didn’t have the speed to make any major moves for the lead. Lawrence went 2-2. Photo: Debbi Tamietti

450 PRO:

1. Jake Canada (Hon)

2. Jason Lawrence (Suz)

3. Klint Stapes (Kaw)

4. Max Von Schoting (Hon)

5. Tim Beatty (Suz)

If you are focused on the battle between Jake Canada (66) and Jason Lawrence (338) as they rail past the starting line you are missing the woman in blue in the left of the photo. Photo: Debbi Tamietti

Lawrence hung it out in pursuit of Canada in the 85 degree winter weather. Photo: Dan Alamangos


1. Brandon Sussman (Suz)

2. Cole Tompkins (Hon)

3. John Roggero (Hon)

4. Vito Bednar (Hon)

5. Nathan Pietronico (Kaw)

You don’t need a new bike to race motocross. Mark Decker (8) proved that with his air-cooled, right-side-up fork Yamaha YZ490 in the Over-40 Novice class. Behind the Yamahammer are John Roggero (222), Jeff Stehr (488), Josel Keochli (863), Ryan Owensby (15) and Austin Adams (274). Photo: Dan Alamangos


1. Branson Sussman (Suz)

2. Brendan Crow (KTM)

3. Matt Pastor (Yam)

4. Mark Taylor (Yam)

5. Renton Minuto (Hon)

The Over-50 Experts blast over the hump and down into the gully off the start. Ron Lawson (16) leads Will Harper (7), Dave Eropkin (811) and Bob Rutten (83). Other notables in the pack include Jon Ortner (10), Randy Skinner (3), Kevin Ward (501), Joe Sutter (111) and Troy Lee (25). Photo:Mark Chilson


1. Scott Fichter (Yam)

2. Marc Crosby (Yam)

3. Ernie Becker (Suz)

4. Ted Kukla (Yam

5. Pasha Afshar (Suz)

Randel Fout (32) sweeps to the inside of John Perry (66) and Phil Dowell (23) in the Over-50 class. Photo: Mark Chilson


1. Jeff Stehr (Hon)

2. Josel Koechli (Kaw)

3. Robbie Carpenter (Hon)

4. Anthony Taylor (Yam)

5. Brett Fratus (Yam)

Will Harper’s 2-2 was good enough to defeat Bryan Friday’s 1-3, Val Tamietti’s 4-1, Ron Lawson’s 4-4, Dave Eropkin’s 3-6 and Troy Lee’s 8-5 in the Over-50 Expert class. Photo: Debbi Tamietti



1. Scott Lindley (Hon)

2. Craig Bouman (Suz)

3. Craig Christian (KTM)

4. Scott Fichter (Yam)

5. Ron Schuler (KTM)

Chuck Sun was second in the Over-50 Elite class behind Jon Ortner. Chuck was racing a KTM 250SX two-stroke to get ready for the April 6th World Two-Stroke Championships. Photo: Dan Alamangos


1. Kent Reed (Kaw)

2. Syd Woods (Yam)

3. Bill Reimer (Suz)

4. Mike Hillion (Yam)

5. Robert Pocius (Yam)

Troy Lee (25) got stuck in the gate and then stalled his engine in moto one, but came from 18th to 8th by the flag. In the second moto Troy finished fifth in the Over-50 Experts. Phil Dowell (23) would go 9-7 for eighth. Photo: Dan Alamangos


1. Terry Varner (Hon)

2. Todd Wiseman (Yam)

3. Kenneth Lipscomb (Kaw)

4. Greg Groom (Suz)

5. Mike Phillips (Suz)

Three blasts from the past! 1980 AMA 500 National Champion and 1981 Motocross des Nations winner Chuck Sun (6), CMC number 1 Val Tamietti (31) and former 125 Pro Dave Eropkin engage in a battle for the ages…or is that “the aged.” Photo: Debbi Tamietti


1. Will Harper (KTM)

2. Bryan Friday (KTM)

3. Val Tamiettu (Yam)

4. Ron Lawson (KTM)

5. Dave Eropkin (Yam)

John Perry drove in from Colorado to get in some practice at Glen Helen for the World Two-Stroke Championships in three weeks. Yes, we also wondered how he was getting ready for the two-stroke event by racing a Husqvarna FC450 four-stroke, but logic doesn’t always enter into racing decisions. Photo: Dan Alamangos

The airspace over the REM races was monopolized by Harry Leitner’s helicopter camera drone. Photo: Dan Alamngos

Before you ask, remember where we said that “logic doesn’t always enter into racing decisions.” In this case, Andrew Shade (912) fell at the top of the big hill to the left—the one that Ryan Owensby (15) is going up. Unable to start on the side of the steep hill, Shade rolled down to the bottom to take another run at it. That’s Jared Palmer (259) coming down the right way. Photo: Mark Chilson

Don’t you hope that when you are in your 60s this is how you’ll be spending your golden years? Lyle Sweeter (55) leads three-time Over-60 World Champion Bill Maxim down the front straight. Maxim would win both motos of the Over-60 Expert class in front of Sweeter (2-2), T.V. Holmes (3-3), Jody Weisel (4-4) and Bill Seifert (6-5). Photo: Dan Alamangos


1. Bill Maxim (Hon)

2. Lyle Sweeter (Hon)

3. T.V. Holmes (KTM)

4. Jody Weisel (KTM)

5. Bill Seifert (Yam)


Aussie Dan Alamangos (31) makes room for Swede Max Von Schoting (3). The Intermediates start in the gate behind the Pros and thus Intermediate Alamangos is letting Pro Von Schoting through late in the moto. In April the Pros will race 30-minutes plus 2 lap motos…and that means that some Intermediate classes will also being going the National distance. Photo: Debbi Tamietti

REM races again next Saturday, March 22, before taking one week off. When they return on April 5, the Pros will be racing 30 minutes plus 2 laps. For more info go to


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