Photos by Daryl Ecklund 

 Ryan Dungey had something to prove to Ken Roczen and he made his point. Ken passed Ryan early in the race, but Ryan kept the pressure on each and every lap. Dungey said he was just being patient to make the pass on the last lap, but he ended up making a mistake and lost his opportunity.

The KTM mini challenge is back.

Miss Supercross poses with some of our finest in the military.

 Jason Anderson in the tunnel before he gets introduced into the stadium.

  Copper Webb.

 Jason Anderson. Peace.

  The KTM kids ready to rumble.

 It was military appreciation night at Petco Park.

 Martin Davalos gets off centered coming out of the gate.

 Hayden Mellrose (64) with Davalos (30) and Aaron Plessinger (23) in tow.

  Josh Hanson had trouble with his suspension last week. He looked a lot better this week and finished in the top ten.

 The start of the 250 main event.

 Aussie, Dan Reardon had a crash in the main putting him in the back of the pack.

 Austin Forker is paying his dues. It will take him some time to get used to racing on a Supercross track.

  Tyler Bowers hasn’t shown the speed he once had back when he rode for Mitch Payton.  

 It has been a long time since we have seen a pro loop out. Blake Baggett demonstrates.

 Frenchman, Christophe Pourcel representing the American flag graphics.

 Eli Tomac got off to an 8th place start and worked his way up to 6th. It looked like he still may be suffering from some arm pump.

 Eli Tomac and Jason Anderson.
 Jason Anderson pulls a tearoff over the finish line.

Marvin Musquin ready for battle.
Cole Seely eats roost.

 The start gate developed some big ruts.

 Ken Roczen’s pit crew.

 Ryan Dungey after the main.

 Roczen over the finish line after he got the checkers. 

 Dungey and Roczen were this close for the entire 24 laps.

 Cole Seely puts a front wheel in on Tomac. Cole passed Eli the next corner.

 Dungey and Roczen wheel to wheel.

 Dungey stalking Kenny.

 Chad Reed started 14th and worked his way up to 7th. Can he hang with the leaders if he got a good start?

 450SX main event start. Notice Wilson on the very inside.

 Jimmy Decotis got the holeshot and lead for ten laps then fell off the pace. 

 Shane Mcelrath is two for two and looks strong.

 Phil Nicoletti.

  On the first lap, Dan Reardon ran Davalos wide.

 Jeremy Martin got stuck in the gate and ate roost the entire race. 

  Tommy Hahn over the finish line.

 Dean Wilson started 12th and finished in the same position.

 Cole Seely looked good in his red, white and blue Troy Lee gear.

  Davi Millsaps.

Davi has perfect form in the whoops and blew by Cooper Webb like he was standing still in them. 

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