Most MXA test rider like the stock Pro Taper handlebars on the last two years worth of Huskys.

Dear MXA,

I was hoping you guys could give me your suggestion on a bar for my 2017 Husqvarna FE450. The stock bars feel pretty on point, but are wide and slightly low. The extra width made them feel even lower. I know I can cut them but haven’t gotten around to it. I wanted a slightly taller bar but noticed the Pro Taper Husky bend for this model is only 2mm taller at 78mm. I went ahead and bought YZ high-bend bars, which are 84mm tall with the same sweep as stock. It feels good standing but seems way higher than the stock bars when sitting. What should I do?

Every MXA test rider loves Pro Taper’s stock Husqvarna 2019 bend. In fact, test riders often switch the 2019 Husqvarna bend Pro Tapers over to their KTMs. There is a valuable lessen to be learned about bar heights in what you experienced. The difference between 78mm and 84mm is a quantum leap in bar height. To you, it may only seem like 6mm, but 6mm is a major change for your arms to adjust to. The cheapest solution is to cut down the stock bars that you said were “on point.”


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