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Electric dirt bikes have been slowly making progress in the motorcycle world, even though the loud majority of motocross racers oppose it. The introduction of the Stark Varg was the most recent culture shock that woke up our industry to the idea of going electric. Now, this brand new FIM series “E-Explorer,” is attempting to become the first official electric dirt bike racing series, to help introduce E-bikes to the motocross, Supercross and off-road world.

One important note, the E-Explorer series won’t consist of traditional motocross-style racing. The courses sound like they will be a mixture of enduro riding (over rocks and logs and maybe even through rivers), urban riding (down stairs and on asphalt), and slalom racing (where each rider competes in their own lane). Also, the riders won’t be competing for themselves, each race will feature a team of two riders, one guy and one girl, competing against another team. The concept of this series is something we are still trying to grasp. To make things even more exciting, James Stewart is supporting the new FIM series by creating his own team under the umbrella of his gear brand, Seven.

Read the press release from the FIM below.

Press Release: Orlando, FL: World Champion James Stewart joins the fully electric racing series FIM E-Xplorer World Cup by securing one of 12 available team spots with his private team Seven Racing. He has been called one of the greatest Motocross / Supercross racers of all time; now James Stewart is ready for a new chapter with E-XPLORER. 

Having raced from an early age, James Stewart amassed 50 Supercross victories and was twice crowned Supercross World Champion. In 2013 he channeled his passion to pioneer and elevate the standard of athletic performance apparel and launched his brand called Seven, the number with which he dominated podiums his entire career. 

Seven Racing, born from fierce competitiveness, passion for racing and desire for performance will compete against high performance teams on cutting-edge all-terrain electric motorcycles in both urban and remote iconic places. Seven Racing have signed a multi-year deal and assured a space in the brand-new championship FIM E-Xplorer World Cup in its inaugural year. 

FIM E-Explorer World Cup

In September 2022, Seven Racing will embark on a new adventure which will push the boundaries through fearless competition, fuelless engine technology, innovation and gender parity in sports; the FIM E-Xplorer World Cup. 

Seven Racing is setting the precedent for other major riders and teams to join the eagerly awaited championship, FIM E-Xplorer World Cup, which will revolutionize two-wheeled sports in every possible way. 


  • The renowned FIM Supercross World Champion, James Stewart will lead the Seven Racing Team as team principal in the inaugural season of the FIM E-Xplorer World Cup.
  • Seven Racing secures a multi-year deal with FIM E-Xplorer World Cup to enter as a private team.
  • The Seven team entry sets a very high level for the future competitiveness of the championship.
  • Seven Racing sets the precedent for other leading riders and teams to join the new, impactful, fast-growing motorsport series set to advance electric mobility and technology.

FIM E-Explorer World Cup-2

About the FIM E-Xplorer World Cup Founded by Valentin Guyonnet (Chief Executive Officer), Carina Munte (Chief Championship Officer) and Pierre Edouard Jumel (Chief Financial Officer), the FIM E-Xplorer World Cup is an international all-electric, all-terrain motorcycle series that fuses fiercely competitive racing and technical innovation with sustainability, progress and exploration.

The series is backed by the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) and the likes of Alejandro Agag and Eric Peronnard. It builds on the growing appetite for electrified motorsport while acting as a test bed for trailblazing technology that appeals to the next generation of climate-conscious fans.

The inaugural FIM E-Xplorer World Cup will commence in Q3 2022 and features three events that take place in both urban and remote rural environments. Ten teams, each with two riders – one female and one male – will compete in a mixture of time trials and head-to-head events. All designed to ignite the spark of adventure in its fans using pioneering two-wheeled technology developed by the world’s greatest motorbike manufacturers and marques.

TRACKS: The FIM E-XPLORER World Cup series would test the reliability of the electric polyvalent off-road motorcycles and the technical skills and physical fitness of the riders in short technical tracks.

Tracks used for the FIM E-XPLORER World Cup must be composed of natural off-road or urban terrains. It may comprise varied terrain sections such as jumps, stairs, rocks, sand, forest or river-beds. The riders may have at times to push their motorcycles. Read more technical rules about the series by clicking here.

SEVEN Racing Team Owner, James Stewart says: “Throughout my entire career I have seen many big changes in motorcycle racing and I am extremely proud to have been a part of some of them. I believe the future of the sport is inevitably electric and I’m excited to be there from the start with E-Explorer”

E-Xplorer Sporting Director & Special Advisor to the CEO, Eric Peronnard says: “I have known James Stewart for many many years, and he never ceased to amaze me with his pioneering and competitive mind. James elevated Motocross riding to another level. The FIM E-Xplorer World Cup is the championship which will reenergize racing, and I truly think it is the sport which will bring James to a new, successful era of his career. I look forward to seeing the fierce competition on track.”

E-Xplorer CEO & Founder, Valentin Guyonnet says: “At E-Xplorer we want to offer our audience and fans a thrilling and competitive championship. When a legend such as James Stewart with an unparalleled racing history, joins the championship as a team owner it sets the level of the type of championship we are putting in place. A huge welcome to the E-Xplorer family to James and his team.”


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