This is a candid photo of the thief a day later at a gas station, it was shot by a good samaritan, who saw a notice on the tribe’s bulletin board. The crook spray-painted the bike red.

Jody’s long-time buddy and “Jody’s Box” foil took up cross-country dual-sport riding after a long motorcycle career that had him working at Suzuki, Bell Helmets, Husqvarna, JT Racing, Troy Lee Designs, MXA, Road Bike Action and Mountain Bike Action. Jimmy and his off-road riding partner Lance Sallis, who lives in Texas, get their kicks by planning multi-day off-road trips through the Northwest, Canada, Southwest and Rockies on their street legal dual-sport bikes. They have always had a great time and met some wonderful people riding on dirt roads, dual-track and single-track whenever possible. However, on their latest journey, the didn’t meet the nicest people while on their dual-sport bikes. A thief stole Jimmy Mac’s 2019 Suzuki DRZ400S when they stopped for the night in lovely Tuba City, Arizona, on Navaho land. Here is the email that Jimmy sent to Jody describing his latest ordeal.

This is Jimmy Mac with his 2019 DRZ-400 about to cross the Canadian border on a previous trip.

“Yo Jody,
“Lance Sallis and I were on a multi-day dual-sport ride when my bike got stolen from a hotel parking lot in Tuba City, Arizona. It is native American land (covered by what they call the “tribal police”). The Police are a joke, but a young guy has posted info on the tribe’s message boards and people are helping track the bike. I might even get it back. I don’t know if I want it back as the thief is trashing it (see the photo above of my Suzuki DRZ400 that was shot by a lady who saw the posting). My Suzuki is Honda red now and looks good without the big mirrors, turn signals and brake lights.

“I’m so bummed. You’ve got to hear the whole story sometime. I’m thinking about replacing it with a Honda CRF450RL, but nobody has them right now.”

Jimmy Mac

Jimmy Mac was a New York racer in the era of Jammin’ Jimmy Weinert before moving to SoCal and becoming a Saddleback Specialist.  That is Jimmy on the infamous Suzuki TM400.

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