In lieu of this past weekends’ events at Unadilla where Team Pro Circuit/Kawasaki rider Eric Sorby repeatedly cut a portion of the track, he has been asked to sit out the race in Washougal. Apparently, Sorby kept cutting the track in the first moto and was warned that any more cutting would cause the AMA to black flag him. When the second moto came around, Eric once again cut the track, causing the AMA to end his day of racing. What is truly surprising is that Sorby has been told by Pro Circuit to sit out the Washougal race and reassess his goals. Starting off the season with a string of podium finishes, Eric has hit some snags and has slipped back in the point standings from third to fifth. No doubt his absence this weekend will cause him to fall even further out of the points chase (although he’s already 80 points down on teammate Mike Brown). When we tried to ask Sorby some questions, he wasn’t up for talking. In any event, Eric will be up at Washougal this weekend to watch the races and sign autographs.

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