Rider: Austin Forkner
Bike: 2019 Kawasaki KX250
Location: Daytona, Florida Supercross
Photographer: Brian Converse


img_5301Art McDade and Buck Gerolamy teamed up to make a customized 2009 Yamaha YZ295. It seems that going big on the YZ250 is a popular choice. If you’re thinking about throwing a big-bore into your 250 two-stroke, I suggest purchasing a flywheel weight from Steahly Offroad. They have a plethora of options to help smooth the power and make the engine more tractable. Anyway, here’s Art and Buck’s science project. What’s cool is how they included website links. You, too, can build a red and white YZ295.

“Attached are pictures of a well used 2009 Yamaha YZ250 brought back to life as a YZ295.  The engine uses an Eric Gorr low to mid 295 kit ($660) and runs on pump gas. The suspension was rebuilt with SKF products. We think this is the perfect two-stroke for Vet riders. It is lightweight with lots of power and excellent handling. Listed below are all of the suppliers we used.

img_5302Suspension By Buck –
Fly Racing –
Dirt DNA –
Tusk Off-Road –
Works Connection –
Innteck –
Boyesen –
UFO Plastics –
Torc1 Racing–
Eric Gorr –
Matrix Concepts –
TM Designworks –
Bill’s Pipes –
Clarke Mfg –
Guts –    

Thanks for featuring the bike.”
~ Art McDade & Buck Gerolamy

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Mark BarnettWho is this rider?


Joey Savatgy 2019 Daytona Supercross-46

By Jim Kimball

BY THE TIME THE 2019 SUPERCROSS SERIES IS OVER WILL YOU HAVE TAKEN A MAIN EVENT WIN? I have learned in the past that I do not really go out and say things that I don’t know. I don’t like to speak out of context, but I believe in my ability. If we continue to improve, get better, figure out a few things, if the cards play out right, you get the hole shot, and have a clear track I definitely believe that it is not farfetched. It is not something that if I said it, that I would be crazy to say it. But I will continue to work on myself and when that time comes and we accomplish it, that would be awesome. If it doesn’t, nobody expected me to anyway, that is just how I look at it. It is not unobtainable by any means and it is achievable, it is just a big question at this time. There are a lot of bad dudes in this class, so it will be tough.


WRM 450The WRM 450 was a unique bike that was only developed as a prototype and never put into production. 

WRM 450Underneath the hood were some interesting features. 



The DRC high speed compression adjuster makes for an accurate and easy adjustment.
– ENZO DRC co-developed product.
– Click feeling allows easy adjustment of rear suspension high compression.
– Available for 14 mm and 17 mm adjuster sizes.
Find more at


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Ken Roczen 2019 Daytona Supercross-5Ken Roczen: “I’m definitely disappointed in tonight’s result; it’s my worst of the season. I think for the most part the day went well, and I was feeling really good on the bike. Unfortunately, in the main event, there was a pileup in the first turn and I got caught between my bike and Cole’s and couldn’t get up. Once I was up, I did my best to make up as many positions as I could during the race, making my way into eighth—not what I wanted and we’re now also down in the points standings, but there are still seven rounds to go. I’m going to set my eyes forward and bounce back in Indianapolis.”

Cole Seely 2019 Daytona Supercross-102Cole Seely: “The first turn was a really weird setup in my opinion. It reminded me a lot of the GPs, where everyone just lines up to the inside and then files to the outside. We all went into the second turn and I tried to tuck underneath Kenny and Cooper [Webb], but Chad [Reed] came across into Ken, which then pushed him into me. I was actually trying to get Kenny up because the first thing I thought of was him getting burned by my header on the right side, plus obviously I needed to get up too. He got up and going pretty quick but my bike was buried so it took me a minute to get going. It was just super-unfortunate. I’m struggling right now and it’s tough to have so many bad-luck weekends and not get the results that I know I can and should have. I’ve just got to shake this one off too and put my mind forward.”

Eli Tomac_2019 Daytona Supercross-399Eli Tomac: “The last half [of the race] was effortless. I just got the flow and that’s so important at this track. It just started coming to me. [Daytona Title] number three … this is so cool at Daytona.”

Justin Cooper_2019 Daytona Supercross-67Justin Cooper: “The bike was working really well. We did a lot of testing with the team outdoors this week, so we kind of knew what we had to do coming up today. We were able to get the heat win and bring it home for third tonight. Those guys out front were riding good, but no excuses. I just had a couple mistakes tonight that cost me and you can’t do that out here. The track for sure was tough tonight. It got me a couple times, but glad to get out of here safe and on to the next one.”

Zach Osborne 2019 Daytona Supercross-364Zach Osborne: “Daytona was good to me this year. Sixth-place, that’s my best finish so far. I had some good times in qualifying and I’m starting to find my feet in this class and starting to kind of flow and know my place a little bit. This is something that I can definitely build from and move forward from. It’s been a rough, tough start to the season with an injury before the season and obviously trying to get back at it has been a tough deal but I’m still here, still plugging away, and I know the work that I’m doing during the week will pay off soon and it’s going to be good.”

Cooper Webb_2019 Daytona Supercross-163Cooper Webb: “I got a really good start in the Main Event and just made a bunch of mistakes the first lap – I missed the rhythm and got passed by a few guys, went back to about sixth and had some work to do. I made some great passes and it was a great battle all night. It was cool to battle Blake and Marvin, we were all making mistakes but also kind of going for it. Once I got into second, I tried to make a run on Eli and I made some mistakes and also had some pressure from Marvin, so I was kind of in a weird spot. I struggled in a few places – the whoops being one of them – but overall, it was a good night.”

Marvin Musquin_2019 Daytona Supercross-395Marvin Musquin: “Daytona was overall a great day. The riding was good but unfortunately, I started making a couple mistakes by stalling the bike and that cost me a lot of time. I’m a little bit bummed because the speed was better than the guys in front of me but I was in third place. It’s good to be on the podium obviously but I’ve got to minimize the mistakes and be a little more consistent to be ahead of those guys.”

Kyle Peters 2019 Daytona Supercross-297Kyle Peters: “I made good progress. Buddy Antunez and I have been working really hard during the week to get better on race days. I have to keep working to stay up front. I’m going to take the positives from Daytona. It felt good to get the holeshot and lead for a few laps in the main. It’s where I need to be. My arms locked up after I got passed, so I didn’t put in my best riding after that. Still, my first few laps were solid. I’m going to keep starting up front and try to lead longer and longer until we are winning.”

Chad Reed 2019 Daytona Supercross-4Chad Reed: “Lately I have become accustomed to getting through practice and qualifying, and then I feel more like my normal self when it’s gate drop time. This weekend it was the opposite. I felt good all day, but didn’t feel quite right when they turned on the lights and dropped the gates. I need to find a little higher level in both situations. Hopefully that’s this week’s birthday gift!”

Austin Forkner 2019 Daytona Supercross-349Austin Forkner: “It feels amazing to win at a place like Daytona. I’ve always loved coming here even from the amateur days. The track had some really tricky parts and it broke down a bit so I just tried to maintain a good pace and try to not make any mistakes. It’s great to give another win to the team. They’ve worked so hard to get us all where we need to be.”

Martin Davalos 2019 Daytona Supercross-331Martin Davalos: “I wish I could have been able to finish higher but I went down late in the race and didn’t get a chance to catch the guys in front of me. I love coming to Daytona and feel it is sort of an equalizer, but we couldn’t make it happen tonight. Thankfully we’re healthy and ready to take on another weekend.”


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Moose Racing gearHelmet: Moose Racing F.I Session–$159.95
Goggles: Moose Racing Qualifier Shade–$32.95
Jersey: Moose Racing Sahara–$39.95
Pant: Moose Racing Sahara––$139.95
Gloves: Moose Racing SX1–$24.95
Boot: Sidi Crossfire 3 SR–$595.00
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Press Release: When the heat cranks up, FLY Racing’s ultra-breathable Kinetic Mesh Racewear keeps you cool on the hottest summer days. Utilizing ventilated dual-mesh construction, Kinetic Mesh flows air but filters dirt. Coupled with dynamic multi-directional stretch-rib paneling for flexibility and a ratcheting closure system on the pants for a secure fit, Kinetic Mesh is meticulously tested and researched for maximum rider comfort.

Worn and supported by top Supercross athletes like Blake Baggett and Zach Osborne to GNCC greats like Thad Duvall and Trevor Bollinger, Kinetic Mesh is tried and true from the stadium to the backwoods

For more information about FLY Racing, visit


KTM PowerParts 250SXF David O'connerKTM’s David O’Conner built us special bike to test. It is littered with KTM PowerParts, Factory Service engine, 15,000 rpm blackbox, WP Cone Valve air forks and Trax shock. This was a very high revving powerplant. 

Jerry Robin KTM PowerParts 250SXF David O'connerWe had AMA Pro Jerry Robin give it the once over at the Milestone test track. 

Husqvarna TE300i project bikeThis is Jody’s project bike that he built for himself, but has handed it over to ISDT, GP and Hall of Fame rider Lars Larsson, while Jody heals from an injury. It is a 2019 Husqvarna TE300i. Which means it is an off-road full injected two-stroke that we made into a motocross bike. 

Husqvarna TE300i project bikeJerry Robin breaks traction on the fuel-injected smoker. 

Here is Lars himself putting some personal touches on the electric-start smoker at last week’s REM race. 



Mike Brown 2005Mike Brown back in 2005.

Moto Trivia answer: Mark Barnett.

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