If you dread the process of changing a tire on your kid’s dirt bike, pit bik, or any dirt bike with small wheels and tires, the Rabaconda Mini Tire Changer is for you!

The Mini Tire Changer from Rabaconda is purpose-built to make changing notoriously difficult 10-14” tires, and even up to 17” tires, with axle sizes from 10-24mm easier than ever before. Motocross dads everywhere can rejoice that the Mini Tire Changer makes the widely hated task of changing a tire or a mousse on a 50cc, 65cc, or 85cc dirt bike a piece of cake!

Designed to incorporate all of the benefits of the legendary Rabaconda Dirt Bike Tire Changer, the Mini Tire Changer is portable and lightweight; it can easily be broken down to fit into a small carrying bag and weighs only 27 lbs. It can be assembled quickly without the need of additional tools and is constructed around a comfortable working height of 28-Inches.

For more info go to The retail price is $399.00.


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