Leatt would like to welcome all riders to their brand-new, global Helmet Replacement Program. A damaged helmet no longer offers the expected safety levels, therefore, its continued use should be a safety concern. As such, Leatt is implementing the Helmet Replacement Program which assists riders by offering a significant discount on a replacement helmet purchase.

Owners of a damaged Leatt helmet can simply visit www.leatt.com/helmet-replacement-program and read through the step-by-step instructions. Users are simply requested to use the “apply here” online form, submit the model and contact information as well as a few photos to verify the damage as well as initial purchase. Upon application, users will receive a confirmation email. Follow-up will be done via email, by the Leatt brand representatives

Leatt helmets offer a wide range of features and benefits – the main one being the 360 Turbine Technology. These small blue discs reduce rotational impact forces by up to 40% and linear impact forces, associated with concussion by up to 30%. But to be fully protected users need to keep their helmet in good shape! This is why with leat. Visit www.Leatt.com today to find your perfect helmet and be reassured knowing the Crash Replacement Program has your back!



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