WHAT IS IT? Lots of motocross gear companies come and go, but the brands with deep roots usually prevail. FXR Racing came onto the motocross scene quickly but has persevered through its early years to become an established logo in the motocross realm. Revo gear is one of the top-tier offerings from FXR, used by Pro riders like Garrett Marchbanks and Alex Martin. We put it through our rigorous MXA gear testing protocols to bring you this product test. 

WHAT’S IT COST? $79.99 (jersey), $199.99 (pants).

CONTACT? or (877) 999-9798.

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with the FXR Racing Revo gear.

(1) Foundation. FXR Racing isn’t a small pop-up brand; it was well-established in the snowmobile and Snowcross racing markets before expanding to motocross. FXR has the manpower, wisdom and capital to create quality products, and market them well. 

(2) Jersey. The FXR Racing Revo jersey is made of a lightweight polyester/spandex mesh for increased breathability and rider comfort. The sleeve cuffs are bonded into the jersey for reduced friction, and the tail of the jersey extends to keep it tucked in. Plus, it comes with sublimated graphics to prevent fading after many cycles through the washer and many hours in the sun. 

(3) Pants. The Revo pants are based on a refined and improved M-2 Motion Pant chassis. The designers added ventilation for a maximum amount of airflow and an all-new, industry-first Auto-Buckle front closure system that works in conjunction with sans-a-belt-style hook-and-loop hip adjusters to guarantee a tight fit. New for the Revo pants, it has an updated yoke panel for more mobility and mesh inserts on the back of the legs for added strength and durability. 

(4) Fit. The Revo pants have a slim, athletic fit that conforms well to your legs without hindering movement or bunching up with excess material. The jersey is also slim-fitting while remaining flexible with enough material in all the right places. Although the Revo gear has an athletic fit, it’s not skintight and fits comfortably, even on riders without an Adonis-like body. If you don’t like athletic-fit gear, we suggest ordering your pants one size up.

(5) Durability. The durability of the Revo Comp gear is the most surprising aspect. FXR hit the mark with the Revo jersey. Not only is it durable against roost with only small amounts of fraying, but it also washed clean every time, even after a muddy day at the track. The double-layered, genuine-leather patches in the pants increased strength at the knees, and a new, stronger material surrounding the leather knee patches prevented ripping in the area that is abused the most. 

(6) Performance. We have zero complaints when it comes to the fit and function of the Revo gear. It’s lightweight and breathable, and there are no “hot spots.”

(7) Options. The FXR Revo gear comes in three different styles: Revo, Revo Comp and Revo Legend. With both the Comp and Legend designs, you’re able to mix and match multiple jerseys to a single pair of pants for more options. The Revo jersey is offered in extra small to double-extra large, while the pants are available in 28- to 38-inch waists. 

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? It would be nice to have a little extra material in the front zipper area for more protection and discretion. 

MXA RATING: The FXR Revo gear is a favorite of MXA’s younger racers who appreciate lightweight, athletic-fitting gear. Even our Vet test riders, who eschew athletic-fit gear, were impressed by the Revo gear’s durability and comfort.

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