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WHAT IS IT? The Slacker V2 digital sag scale renders tape measures and old-school metal sag scales obsolete. It uses sophisticated electronics to accurately measure how far the bike sags under its own weight and under the weight of the rider on board. Plus, the V2 model can zero out the digital readout, even if the bike isn’t on a bike stand.

WHAT’S IT COST? $149.00.

CONTACT? or (800) 741-7702.

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with the Slacker V2 digital sag scale with Auto Zero.

(1) Features. The integral parts of the Slacker V2 are the digital unit, retractable 32-inch cord, C-clamp, magnetic axle insert and remote digital readout. You attach the digital unit to the rear axle and extend the cord to the rear fender. When the rider sits on the bike, the LCD screen displays the sag number in millimeters.

(2) Auto Zero. Slacker developed the Auto Zero feature for street bikes, which were too heavy to lift up on a stand. To use Auto Zero, simply attach the cable while the bike is on the ground, press the backlight button for three seconds and then lift the rear up to its full height. The Slacker V2 memorizes where full extension is, so that when the rider climbs on the bike, the sag reading is accurate.


(3) Magnet. Earlier models of the Slacker had a large magnet that secured the digital unit to the rear axle, but it wouldn’t work with titanium axles and could slip on rounded-off axle caps. The Slacker V2 now has an axle insert that goes into the hollow end of the axle (much like a triangle stand), so that whether the axle is steel or non-magnetic Ti, the digital unit will stay in place.

(4) Remote LCD display. With the Slacker, setting sag is no longer a two-person job thanks to the remote display. Whatever reading is on the main display will be shown on the remote display.

(5) Race sag. There are no set rules on how much race sag is correct. Yamaha recommends 97mm of race sag, while KTM recommends 110mm. Most modern racers use 105mm. Adjusting race sag is a tedious chore. How many times has a friend measured your sag for you, and then you later found out that he got the numbers on the measuring tape confused. There are no mistakes with the Slacker V2. It is accurate every time.

(6) Static sag. The Slacker measures static sag in the same way it measures race sag. Static sag, also called “free sag,” is the measurement of how much the bike sags under its own weight (without you on it). For full-size bikes, the static sag should be between 30mm and 40mm.

(7) MXA trick. Since the MXA wrecking crew races seven bikes every weekend and rotates between test riders, we drill small pilot holes in the rear fenders to make attaching the cord’s hook easier. This eliminates the need for the C-clamp.

(8) Performance. It couldn’t be easier to get accurate sag readings—even when you are alone.

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? Three quibbles: (1) We wish the remote LCD display was wireless. (2) Be careful when taking the bike off the stand not to jostle the unit. (3) Price. You can buy a lot of tape measures for $150.

MXA RATING: The Slacker V2 digital sag scale takes the guesswork out of measuring sag.


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