WHAT IS IT? Although Alpinestars resisted entering the motocross gear business for years, when the company finally took the plunge, its bold designs, vibrant colors, quality materials and advanced construction helped it gain a foothold. The 2021 Supertech gear was designed for top riders such as Eli Tomac, Jason Anderson, Chase Sexton, Jett Lawrence and local riders who want to feel like top riders on the track. Athletic-fitting gear has become the standard for Pros and many youngsters, but the poor durability of light and thin gear steers many riders elsewhere. With the Supertech line, Alpinestars is trying to achieve the best of both worlds.

WHAT’S IT COST? $69.95 (jersey), $199.95 (pant).

CONTACT? or (800) 438-2577. 

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with the Alpinestars 2021 Supertech gear.

2021 KTM 450XCF

(1) Jersey. The Alpinestars Supertech jersey embraces the modern trend of tight-fitting cycling-apparel-like motocross gear. The official term is “athletic fit”; however, if you’re not all that athletic, you might prefer the physique-disguising benefits of excess material. The Supertech jersey is ultra-lightweight with ergonomic shoulder and pre-curved arm construction. The main chassis fabric uses advanced stretch and moisture-wicking materials that allow you to play twister or arrange yourself into the wildest riding position without mobility restriction from your jersey. The back panel is also extended to help keep your jersey tucked in. 

(2) Pant. The Supertech pants have a form-fitting chassis with two breathable mesh inserts at the front of the hip and one large mesh insert above the seat of the pant. The material was specifically created by Alpinestars to improve strength, elasticity and abrasion resistance. To increase strength in the seat area, 600-denier fabric was used. A ratchet-type closure secures the front of the waistband, and it adheres to a dual-sided Velcro strap underneath the plastic closure to ensure a solid fit. To keep the pants light and breathable, the inner liner was left out.

(3) Knee. Supertech gear features dual-layered, 600-denier fabric panels at the front and well-positioned 3D leather panels on the inner knees to prevent tearing, protect from heat and improve grip in the most vulnerable area. Additionally, a heat-resistant and stretchable Aramid-fiber-reinforced panel surrounds the knee to extend protection against the hot engine and proactively fight against tearing. What is Aramid fiber? It’s a strong fiber used in aerospace and military applications for ballistic-rated body armor and more. Long story short, it’s tough. 

(4) Fit. The Supertech jersey fits close to your body and is comfortable to wear. We didn’t have any complaints with the Supertech jersey. The waistband on the Supertech pants fit true to size. It has a snug fit at the thighs but opens up in the knee area to accommodate knee braces. The Supertech gear scores low in the comfort department because the more-durable-yet-thin material doesn’t stretch as easily as the Alpinestars Techstar pants, and the front seam of the pants is short, giving the pants a low Italian-cut fit. The pants don’t have any Velcro straps for adjusting the waistband size beyond the minimal amount of wiggle room the ratchet closure allows. 

(5) Durability. We were pleasantly surprised by the limited amount of wear and tear the Supertech gear suffered over our many races. Oftentimes, thin, breathable, athletic-fitting gear will break down quickly from roost and constant rubbing at the knees; but the well-placed leather, high-end Aramid fiber and 600-denier fabric held up well. 

(6) Options. The Alpinestars Supertech gear is available in two different graphic design options and seven different color choices. The jersey sizes range from small to double extra large, while the pant sizes range from 28- to 40-inch waists.

The front seam is too short. It was frustrating when walking through the pits, but it wasn’t noticeable on the track. 

MXA RATING: Gear companies are constantly searching for the perfect balance of durability, breathability, mobility and light weight. The Alpinestars 2021 Supertech gear checked almost every box, only missing the mark in the comfort department. 

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