WHAT IS IT? A purpose-built, reinforced, locking plastic case designed to carry suspension components. Each case is specially designed to hold two fork legs, a shock and spare spring. This is the suspension case that Geico Honda, Pro Circuit and MXA use when shipping or transporting suspension.

WHAT’S IT COST? $299.00.

CONTACT: or (763) 257-5853.

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with Moto-Cases’ suspension shipping case. 
(1) Construction. In the past, MXA has used gun cases to transport suspension components. Unfortunately, gun cases aren’t designed to hold forks. The latches are flimsy, the weight of the suspension is too much, and the cases try to come apart at the seams. Not so with Moto-Cases. The Moto-Cases shipping case has reinforced corners, thicker walls, secure latches, tongue-in-groove parting lines and molded-in metal inserts for the hinge attachment points.

(2) Wheels. If you’ve ever lugged a suspension-laden gun case, you know that forks and a shock are heavy. Thankfully, Moto-Cases’ shipping case has wheels.

(3) Padding. When you ship suspension, take it to a race or haul it in the back of your truck, you need to wrap it in cardboard and pad it with bubble wrap to keep it from getting damaged. Moto-Cases’ shipping case ends that fear because its interior is filled with a closed-cell foam that has cutouts for the forks and shock (and an eggshell foam top piece to clamp down on the parts). All you have to do is press the components in place and shut the lid.

(4) Locks. The Moto-Cases’ shipping case has two places on the lid where external locks can be slipped through to shield the case’s contents from prying eyes.

(5) Size. The moto case is 45 inches long by 16 inches wide by 6.5 inches thick.

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? Our only real complaint is the $289 price tag. Although we can see the value in the Moto-Cases’ shipping case for a race team, professional racer or motocross magazine, that is a hefty price tag for a local racer who ships his suspension off once a year.

MXA gives the Moto-Cases shipping case five stars because it is the best-designed suspension case we have ever used. Whether you need it or not depends on how often you ship your suspension.

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