WHAT IS IT?  Ogio Powersports is the industry leader in gear bags, offering a range of bags that vary in size, style and price. The Dozer gear bag is a brand-new addition to the Ogio lineup, and it’s inspired by the highly regarded Rig 9900 bag. Currently, the 9800 is the staple Ogio bag, used by more top riders and average joes than any other bag on the market. Compared to the current Rig 9800, the former Rig 9900 was a bigger, top-loading, three-compartment bag and that’s exactly what the new Dozer bag is.

WHAT’S IT COST? $299.99

CONTACT? or (800) 326-6325.

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with the Ogio Dozer gear bag.

(1) Basics. As with every Ogio bag, the Dozer was designed to be ultra-durable and protect your gear from angry luggage loaders at the airport and your everyday gear bag toss into and out of your truck bed. The Dozer bag has two main storage compartments, with the option to erect a third wall for additional separation. At the bottom (wheel side) of the bag is an easy-clean PVC-lined boot compartment, totally separate from the main compartment to keep your gear nice and clean. In the middle is a larger area for gear, and up top, you can flip up a foam wall and easily secure it with the velcro sides to create a third compartment for your helmet. 

(2) Protection. Besides transporting your essential riding apparel, knee pads, and chest protector, your gear bag is meant to protect your gear, especially your helmet. Spending beaucoup money on a helmet is great, but not if you let it bounce around in the back of your truck without proper protection. The Ogio Dozer gear bag has integrated foam padding built into the lid and sides and two long reinforcements underneath the bag for sliding in and out of your truck and for smooth traveling on airport conveyor belts and slides.

 (3) Comparison. Compared to the popular Rig 9800 gear bag, the Dozer is slightly larger, noticeably lighter and much simpler. The 9800 is the most popular gear bag on the market for good reason, it’s ultra-durable, a great size for everyday riders and it’s easy to travel with. However, it doesn’t have separate compartments and it’s not as big as the Dozer. The Dozer compartments add up to 8200 cubic inches, while the Rig 9800 is 7500 cubic inches. The Dozer weighs 10.75 pounds while the Rig 9800 weighs 14.2. The Rig 9800 has many different zipper-closed pockets, while the Dozer is fairly simple, with three compartments and one main zipper pocket on top of the middle compartment flap.

(4) Design. The Dozer is the first bag we’ve seen that uses a three-wheel design all in a row in the back. Like all of Ogio’s wheels, they are heavy-duty and made for long trips through the airport and walks through the rocky pits at the track. The extra wheel helps stabilize the bag when rolling over rough terrain and obstacles. Plus, the Dozer has a telescoping handle and four different grab handles for carrying.

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? If we have to find a complaint, it’s that the bag doesn’t come with the same indestructible “SLED” undercarriage as the Rig 9800 and Rig T3. However, they didn’t add it so that they could offer this bag at a more wallet-friendly price. 

MXA RATING: The Dozer is bigger than most gear bags and it is priced $30 less than the Rig 9800. It’s great for long moto trips where extra gear is required, and for MXA test riders who can sometimes wear multiple sets of gear during a photoshoot.



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