WHAT IS IT? Footpegs are one of three essential contact points on your dirt bike, along with your grips and seat. Footpegs are used to transfer the weight of your body into the chassis and are essential for maintaining control. 

WHAT’S IT COST? $269.95 

CONTACT? or [email protected]. 

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with the Scar Racing titanium footpegs. 

 (1) Material. Scar Racing’s titanium footpegs are manufactured with high-grade Ti-6AL-4V titanium. This blend of titanium is lightweight, incredibly strong and corrosion-resistant. Each piece of the Scar footpeg—from the bracket to the cross-section to the outer platform—is TIG-welded together. As a result, the Scar Racing footpegs have a factory look and are super strong.

(2) Weight. Stock footpegs are most often made from cast stainless steel, a durable and strong material that is inexpensive to produce; however, it is heavier than titanium. Stock pegs rarely break because they are over-engineered, which makes them even heavier. A stock 2023 KTM footpeg weighs 9.2 ounces, while a Scar Racing titanium peg weighs 5.2 ounces. 

(3) Width. The Scar Racing titanium footpeg spans 60mm, which is wider than stock, and there are 27 teeth per peg. The wider platform helps spread the load on the rider’s feet, especially when landing from big jumps. Additionally, Scar makes an anti-mud footpeg that is the same size but without the row of teeth in the cross-section. It just has the outer ring of teeth with an open center to allow mud to escape through. Scar’s anti-mud peg retails for the same price but only has 18 teeth. 

Scar Racing’s titanium footpegs are lightweight, sharp, and have the factory look.

(4) Price. At $269.95 a pair, the Scar Racing titanium pegs aren’t cheap, but they are competitive with other titanium footpegs on the market, including Raptor, Pro-Pegs and Moose Racing’s footpegs, which are all offered at the same $269.95 retail price. 

(5) Installation. The Scar Racing footpegs utilize the stock springs. MXA tested them on our 2023 KTM 450SXF, and they fit well. During installation, we flipped the pins around so we could push them into the bracket from the bottom. This allowed the cotter pin to stick through at the top. This is especially helpful on the brake side where you normally have to remove the rear brake pedal to get the pin out.  

(6) Performance. MXA test riders love anything that saves weight on their race bikes, but even our pickiest test riders couldn’t feel the weight difference, largely because footpeg weight is as low as you can go on the chassis. They did notice the added grip, width and deepness of the teeth. They also mentioned that the two outside teeth were slightly taller than the rest, which kept their feet secure when applying outside pressure in the corners. And, if you want to re-sharpen the Scar pegs with a file, the shape and depth of the teeth make it easier to do (although, the titanium hardens when filed, so start with an aggressive file). 

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? We wish the pegs came with fresh cotter pins and cotter-pin washers. 

MXA RATING: We love the Scar Racing titanium footpegs for their improved grip. They also give your bike a factory look. As for the ounces saved, the footpegs were definitely lighter when you held them in your hand, but the weight savings. although significant, was so low on the chassis that the test riders never noticed the difference in motion.



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