Sean Lipanovich (505) took the wins in both motos of the 450 Pro class.


The “Saturday at the Glen” regulars were back in action this past Saturday on a relatively warm 75 degree day. It was nice when placed in contrast to the weeks of gloomy weather that dominated the month of January.  The biggest classes of the day were the minicycles, with 33 riders in the 85cc and 65cc classes—plus there were 14 Pee-Wees. In the big bikes the Over-65 year olds were the largest group.

We haven’t seen Ford Heit (144) in over a year, but he was back in action in the 450 Pro class.  Sean Lipanovich is almost unbeatable at Glen Helen, but Ford turn in some very fast laps to get second .

450 Pro winner Sean Lipanovich set the fastest lap time of the day with a 1:58. The 450 Intermediate winner, Ben Campbell, clocked a 2:07. The fastest mini lap time was a 2:13 by Traison Payne in the 85 class. In the Over-50 Experts, Luther French, John Griffin and Arek Kruk traded fast lap times in the 2:09 range—with Kruk cracking 2:08 on the fifth lap of the second moto (although Luther French took the overall victory with a 1-2 to Kruk’s 4-1.) Val Tamietti turned in a 2:15 in the Over-65 Experts, while in the Over-60 Experts Pete Murray and Robert Reisinger  both clocked 2:13 times.

Dennis Stapleton (184) won the Vet Expert class. He was working on general fitness given that his busy schedule and the rainy season has cut down on his riding time.

This week’s track crossed the road into the Bud’s Creek sand section and used the three humps in the canyon before coming down the left side of Mount Whitney. With the sand and the longer canyon section the riders were out of sight for longer than normal before they came over the top of Mt. Whitney. Since the beginning of 2023 the track has seen a bevy of changes without losing its down home atmosphere.

Ben Campbell won both motos of the 450 Intermediates ahead of top five of Chase Kanzel, Tyler Nichols, Ryan Taylor and Zach Wiley.

“Saturday at the Glen” will be back next Saturday, February 11 for what will be the fourth race of their 25-race 2023 schedule. On average “Saturday at the Glen” races twice every month, with three races in the months of February, June and September (and it takes breaks so that its regular riders can race the World Two-Stroke Championship on April 8 and the World Vet Championship on November 4-5). “Saturday at the Glen” typically races on the Arroyo Vet track, but six weekends out of the year they race on the Glen Helen National track.

On Saturday, March 18, the normal “Saturday at the Glen” race program will hold a World Two-Stroke warm-up race on the National track for the Pasha 125 Open series—with classes for 125 Pros, Over-30 125 Pros and and Over-50 125 Pros. The Pasha 125 Open rules are the same as the  2023 Wiseco/Fasthouse World Two-Stroke rules in that the upper displacement limit is 150cc.

Ben Campbell did have one bump on the road to victory when Tyler Nichols (55) fell in front of him. Photo: Mark Riker

Ben Campbell rode over Tyler Nichols rear wheel. Photo: Mark Riker

Chase Kanzell (311) took his KX450 to 2-3 moto scores for second overall in the 450 Intermediates. 

Nate Janis (811) wheelies his way to a 4-6 day for sixth in the 450 Intermediates.

This uphill right-hand 180 has two good ruts. Cody Brownfield lead on the inside rut with Zach Wiley (13) in tow, while an unidentified Yamaha rider leads 450 Intermediate winner Ben Campbell around the outside rut.

In a game of inches Luther French (21) and Larry Laye (195) cut the margin of error down to a hair in the Over-50 Expert class. Luther would take the win with a 1-2 score, while Larry would en up sixth overall.

Poland’s Arek Kruk (79) was a busy man. He went 4-1 for second overall in the Over-50 Experts behind Luther French and came back one moto later to win the Over-40 Expert class.

John Griffin (7) took third in the Over-50 Experts with a 2-3—only to get edged out of second overall by Arek Kruk’s 4-1. Photo: Mark Riker

Phil Dowell (23) tries to polish the back of Ron Shuler’s boot (33) in the Over-50 Expert class. Dowell went 3-5 for 4th and Shuler went 5-4 fo 5th.

The Over-65-year old classes (Novice Intermediate and Expert ) have exploded in popularity lately. The Over-65 Expert class was won this Saturday by Val Tamietti (31).

Jody Weisel (82) gave his Husqvarna FC350 to Lars Larsson to race, because Lars’ regular Husky FC450 was out of action. Jody switched to a GasGas MC250. That is Bob Rutten (83) coming up fast.

Lars Larsson (71) helped MXA with its testing back in the early 1970s and Jody Weisel (82) has made sure that Lars always has bikes to race. They duel with each other every week and are rarely farther than this apart. These two ancient mariners still race in leather boots.

Bob Rutten went 2-2 behind Val Tamietti in the Over-65 Expert class. Photo: Mark Riker

Will Harper (7) and Robert Pocius (31) share this corner as Harper goes the long way around.

Josh Fout (31) was second in the Vet Experts behind MXA teammate Dennis Stapleton, but came back to win the Open Expert class on a fuel-injected 2023 Husqvarna TC250.

The battle for the win in the Over-40 Intermediate class was between number 45 and number 45 with number 45 taking the win. Stephen Moore (45) and Suzuki-mounted Rick Richards (45) were this close for the whole second moto. Whoever won the second moto would win the overall. Unfortunately, Richards stalled his Suzuki in a tight rut at the top of a hill with a lap to go and had to settle for second overall.  

Scott Murphy (733) cuts the inside line a little tight as he tries to pass eventual Over-50 Novice winner Joe Wilson (46).

Randy Skinner (383) swept both motos of the Over-60 Intermediate class over Robot Rodgers.

Coming out of the Mini-Talladega turn Kent Reed and Mark Moore collided. This brought out of flurry of yellow flags. Lars Larsson (71) and Jody Weisel (82) slow down to pass the site of the wreckage. We are sure it was a racing incident, since Mark and Kent each blamed each other.

After winning the first moto of the  Over-65 Intermediate, Marc Crosby (75) thought he would win the second moto also, but he had issues in moto two and went 1-4. You would think that would still be good enough for a top three finish. Not so fast! Phil Cruz went 4-1 for the win, Tim Hoole went 3-2 for a matching 5 points for second, Jim Hanson went 2-3 for another five points for third. Leaving Marc’s 1-4 in fourth overall based on the best second moto finishes. 

Tim Hoole’s 3-2 was good enough for a four-way tie for the win in the Over-65 Intermediate class. Tim’s 3-2 got him second. 

We can only assume that Ernie Becker has a crib sheet written on the palm of his glove. He might be thinking, “Yeah, just as I thought, it is down for low.” Ernie went 4-4 in the Over-50 Intermediates.

Gavin Sorenson (103) took the win in the 250 Novice class on his Honda CRF250, but an unidentifed fellow CRF250 rider didn’t make it easy for Gavin.

Will Harper (7) is loving his new 2023 KTM 300SX two-stroke.

Bill Seiferts (37) rises up this crest. If he had the time he could look back and see sun reflecting off of thecars on the 215 freeway.

There are two ways to enter the sand in  Bud’s Creek. Traison Payne (33) jumps in, while Patrick Miranda (17) rails around the jump.

Randel Fout (72) sweeps around the outside line that leads to Bud’s Creek. Whether jumping in or railing  is faster depends on how much you commit to it. Randel Commits fully. 

Wyatt Snowden (577) is one of a very active group of kids still racing Yamaha PW50s. “Saturday at the Glen” has a special PW class, which also allows small displacement Honda four-strokes, to try to keep racing affordable.

Augustine Canela (16) took her stock Yamaha PW50 to the win in the PW/XR Pee-Wee class. The Hawaiian shirt however, was very racey

Mason Wiggins (92) swept both motos of the 65 class on his GasGas MC65.

Traison Payne (33) won the 85cc class and was 4th in the 125 Novice class.

Tarryn Kupau (11) show good form on her Yamaha YZ65.

The Over-65 Expert class sweeps trough the second turn, with Val Tamietti (31) in the lead, followed by Bob Rutten (83), Randel Fout (72) and Will Harper (7)

“Saturday at the Glen” motocross will race again February 11 and 25. Pre-entry is only $30 ($25 for minis). Post entry is $40 ($30 for minis) on the day of the race. The Gate fee is $10 (per person). You can sign up for the next “Saturday at the Glen” motocross as late as the Friday before the next race (or just show up in person on race day). For more info go to www.glenhelen.com

In honor of the long departed Arroyo Cycle Park, which sat on this exact plot of land back in the 1970s, Glen Helen renamed the previous REM track as the Arroyo Vet Track.


Jan. 14…Winter Series #1 (Arroyo Vet track)
Jan. 21…Winter Series #2 (Arroyo Vet track)
Feb. 4…Winter Series #3 (Arroyo Vet track)
Feb. 11…Winter Series #4 (Arroyo Vet track)
Feb. 25…Winter Series #5 (National track)
Mar. 18…Spring Series #1 & Pasha 125 Open (National track)
Mar. 25…Spring Series #2 (Arroyo Vet track)
Apr. 15…Spring Series #3 (Arroyo Vet track)
Apr. 22…Spring Series #4 (Arroyo Vet track)
May 13…Spring Series #5 (National track)
June 3…Summer Series #1 (Arroyo Vet track)
June 17…Summer Series #2 (Arroyo Vet track)
June 24…Summer Series #3 (Arroyo Vet track)
July 15…Summer Series #4 (Arroyo Vet track)
July 29….Summer Series #5 (National track)
Aug. 19…Fall Series #1 (Arroyo Vet track)
Aug. 26…Fall Series #2 (Arroyo Vet track)
Sept. 16…Fall Series #3 (Arroyo Vet track)
Sept. 23…Fall Series #4 (Arroyo Vet track)
Sept. 30…Fall Series #5 (National track)
Oct. 21…Winter Series #1 (Arroyo Vet track)
Oct. 28…Winter Series #2 (National track)
Nov.3-5…World Vet Championship (National track)
Nov. 18..Winter Series #3 (Arroyo Vet track)
Dec. 9…Winter Series #4 (Arroyo Vet track)
Dec. 16..Winter Series #5 (National track)


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