A2 night show-1911The last and final round in Anaheim. Till next year…

marvin musquinMusquin and his lite up Leatt neck brace in opening ceremonies.

 JASON ANDERSONWe didn’t see much of Jason Anderson in Anaheim because he got DQ’ed after his run in with Vince Friese (Friese is always considered guilty, even when he isn’t because of his past record for dirty riding). Check out what happened between the two by clicking HERE

ryan DungeyRyan Dungey pleasing the crowd during opening ceremonies.

 shane mcelrathAaron Plessinger means business. In the first heat he pinched off Shane Mcelrath in the first corner and went on to win.

 shane mcelrathShane rode with more caution in A2. He did what he needed to do and got his KTM/Troy Lee Designs 250SXF on the podium. 

anton plessingerAaron Plessinger rode to a solid 2nd place in the main event.

 austin coronerAustin Forkner rode great in his heat race capturing his first heat race win of the season. Martin Davalos chased Austin to the finish. 

dan reardonDan Reardon has been getting faster each week. If he can get some better starts, he may be able to run with the front of the pack.

austin coronerAustin looks behind him on the last lap of his heat race to check if anyone is there. 

malcolm StewartMalcolm Stewart was the first to run Vince Friese high in a corner. The next corner after this Friese knocked down Musquin and Anderson in their heat race.

marvin musquinThe aftermath of Friese running it in on Anderson and Musquin.

chad reedChad Reed really needs to work on his starts. In the past, when he gets up front he can run the pace. Reedy started 9th in the main and finished 7th.

ken roczenKen Roczen won his heat race with a commanding lead over Malcolm Stewart.

blake baggettBlake Baggett looked good in his heat race finishing 2nd behind his teammate, Davi Millsaps. 

davi millsapsDavi looked like his old self in his heat race. He commanded the race to an easy win.
 josh grantJosh Grant and Justin Brayton battled hard in their heat.

A2 night show-3213The start of the 250 main event.
 christophe pourcelChristophe Pourcel is still in recovery mode from being sick.

ryan DungeyIn Dungey’s heat race, something went wrong with his throttle and he had to pull off. In his semi, he started on the very outside gate. He got off to a bad start, but worked his way up to third behind Marvin Musquin and Broc Tickle.

 josh grantJosh Grant got off to a good start in 4th. A few guys got around him ending up in 6th. Not a bad night for Grant. 

vince freiseVince Friese is always causing trouble, but he brings it on himself. 

A2 night show-3220The race to the first corner.

 A2 night show-3232Jeremy Martin got tangled up in the first turn with Phil Nicoletti.  

jeremy martinEyes ahead.

 A2 night show-3383Noah McConahy made it into the main event. He finished 13th.

 aaron plessingerAaron Plessinger rode consistent laps to 2nd place in the main. 

shane mcelrathShane Mcelrath cool and consistent. 

marvin musquinIn 450 main event, Marvin kept an eye on his teammate Dungey. He closed up the gap later in the race. Marvin wants to win.

 shane mcelrathShane watching the 250 West  front runners.

 justin hillJustin Hill has found his stride. He was the fastest 250 rider all day.

 justin hillAll smiles for Hill.

A2 night show-3847A set a graphics after 15 minutes on Plessinger’s YZ250F.
A2 night show-3885The 450 main event start. Dungey and Grant were the quickest off the gate. 

A2 night show-3907More bad luck for Pourcel. He got hit on the start of the main.

marvin musquinMarvin started 5th and charged through the pack — here getting by Cooper Webb (2).

 eli tomacTomac and Reed had a good battle in the main.

marvin musquinMusquin’s has style for days.

ryan dingeyAfter a day of problems, Ryan overcame adversity and came home with the main event win. He led from start to finish. 

jake weimerJake Weimer needs to find a way to get better starts. 

tommy hahnTommy Hahn finished 17th on the night.

 ken roczenThis was the first race that Ken Roczen got off to a bad start. He started in 7th and worked up to 3rd by lap five. His teammate Cole Seely wasn’t making it easy for Roczen. Roczen started switching up his lines. In a rhythm section, is looked as if Roczen hit a small kicker which bottomed out his rear shock. It pogoed up, sling-shotting him off the bike. Roczen is known for setting up his shock with minimal rebound. The same thing happened to him at Monster Cup. Kenny ended up with a dislocated wrist, dislocated elbow and compounded radius bone in his wrist. Click HERE to watch the crash. 

bw dungey-4390Yamaha was all smiles after Cooper made his way to a 4th place finish. Cooper has had a tough few races, but looks as if he has found his groove.

 nick schmidt Nick Schmidt pulls his goggles off in the main. 

ryan DungeyDungey gets his first win of the season. It might be a boring season now that Roczen is out.

ryan dungey marvin musquinMarvin and Ryan talk on the podium after the race. 

bw dungey-4225The 2016 champ, Ryan Dungey. Eyes ahead.



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