2009 KTMs

What’s new on the 2009 KTM 450SXF? First and foremost, the 2009 450SXF almost got a five-speed transmission, but at the last second KTM decided to stay with the four speed box. The black anodized triple clamps feature 18mm or 20mm adjustable offset to hold the 48mm WP forks. As for the forks, they offer new bottoming cones, revised valving, less unsprung weight and improvised flex characteristics. Thankfully, all full-size KTM race bikes will come with white number plate backgrounds that are large enough to hold numbers. The exhaust system is titanium and the Europe-only model has an HPRS (Head Pipe Resonator System) built in for more low-end less noise. Added touches include a Regina china, new cam profiles, Brembo dual-position front caliper and redesigned engine covers.
What’s new on the 2009 KTM 250SXF? Here is a list of the changes:
(1) Lighter titanium and sleeker finger followers.
(2) Third and fourth gears have had their sliding gears reinforced.
(3) Revalved forks, black triple clamps and new bottoming cones.
(4) New WP PDS shock with revised pistons, shims, needle and valving.
(5) Brembo dual-piston front brake caliper and a new 9mm master cylinder piston.
(6) Redesigned radiator shrouds with molded-in graphics.
(7) White number plate backgrounds that extend onto the airbox.
(8) New clutch and ignition covers.

What’s new on the 2009 KTM 150SX?
Known last year as the 144SX, the new 150SX gets a stronger piston, reinforced exhaust port, new cylinder head and redesigned squish. The 150SX will have twin ignition curves to allow the rider to adjust the bike at the track. Additionally, the KTM 150SX and its little brother, the 125SX, will be equipped with 38mm Keihin PWK carbs mounted to the new intake manifolds.
What’s new on the 2009 KTM250SX? The engine spec remains the same, while the forks, shock, triple clamps, front brake, radiator shrouds and number plates get the latest updates.
What’s new on the KTM 2009 125SX? The 125SX gets the same chassis mods as the 250SXF, 450SXF and 250SX. The only purely 125SX change is a new cylinder with optimized exhaust control (read-power valve) for improved low-end power.