At the halfway point of the 2011 AMA National Motocross Championship, two things are patently evident in this year’s motocross season: (1) A Pro Circuit rider is going o win the 250 National Motocross Championship. (2) Chad Reed, Ryan Dungey and Ryan Villopoto are a match for each other…and  too good for the remained to the 450 field.

Dungey couldn’t close the deal on Reed.


Ryan Villopoto had Red Bud in the bag. He was fastest in timed qualifying and fastest on the track. But, Villopoto got cleaned out in a first lap crash and had to start dead last in moto one. The best he could do under the circumstances was ninth. Meanwhile, Reed and Ryan Dungey ran unmolested up front. As has happened so many times this season, Dungey reeled Reed in, but couldn’t close the deal. The first moto ended with Reed on the top step, Dungey on the second step and Davi Millsaps in third.

Mike Alessi is the best of the rest.                                           Photo Hoppenworld

In Moto two, Ryan Villopoto left the field in his wake. No one came close to the Kawasaki rider. Ryan Dungey ran a safe second, while Mike Alessi and Chad Reed fought for third place. Alessi caught and passed Reed, but Reed eventually got back by for third. And, under the AMA scoring system, Reed’s 1-3 beat Dungey’s 2-2. Villopoto’s 9-1 bested Brett Metcalfe’s 4-5.

If this had been any other motocross race in America, the final results would have been Dungey first (2-2), Reed second (1-3), Metcalfe third (4-5) and Villopoto fourth (9-1), but for those with a calculator?Reed’s 1-3 was good for 45 points, while Dungey’s 2-2 only earned 44.

Metcalfe had a good day at Red Bud.

Chad Reed said, “I got a good start in moto two and got into third. Dungey made some mistakes and I tried to get by, but then I made mistakes and Alessi passed me. At that point I knew I had to just settle down and be smart. I actually learned a lot today. I got my butt kicked last week, and we worked on my suspension. Each time I went out on the track today, it was different. I learned a lot about my bike, and a lot about myself as a person about the decisions I need to make on race days.”

As for Dungey, he said “I felt good today. “It was just a little unfortunate. I wanted to run in contention with Villopoto, but I wasn’t making it happen. Now we’ve got a week off o work on things and get better. We’ll just keep plugging away. At this point, points are valuable. We’re halfway now. I can’t get stuck behind like that. I need to get up and go.”

Reed’s advantage in the standings currently sits at 16 points over Villopoto.


Just call the podium “Pro Circuit Place.”

It was a near-perfect day for Blake Baggett, and a terrible day for the Geico Honda team. Baggett went 1-1, while his Pro Circuit Kawasaki teammates went 2-2  (Dean Wilson) and 5-3 (Tyla Rattray). As for the closest competition leading into Red Bud, the Geico Honda team, Eli Tomac crashed in practice on the middle jump of Larocco’s Leap and had to go to the hospital for a checkup …he was okay, but couldn’t race. Fellow Geico teammate Justin Barcia was leading the firstmoto when he crashe dover a jump and ended up 30th. For the second 250 moto his Barcia’s wouldn’t restart after the warm-up lap. He was left at the gate. The only bright spot for Geico was the return of Wil Hahn, who ran up front for awhile before ending up with a 8-6 day.

Baggett’s double moto victory moved him past Rattray for second in the point chase, behind Wilson by 14 points. The cloest non Pro Circuit rider in the points chase is Elu Tomac, who is currently 82 points behind Wilson. Barcia was considered a Championshop hopeful at the start of the season is now back in seventh place and 121 points adrift (that is almost five motos behind in points with 12 motos left in the 250 season).

The Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship takes a weekend off before returning to action in Millville, Minn. Spring Creek MX Park will host the Spring Creek Motocross National on Saturday, July 16.

Round 6 of 12

1. Chad Reed…1-3
2. Ryan Dungey…2-2
3. Ryan Villopoto…9-1
4. Brett Metcalfe…4-5
5. Mike Alessi…8-4
6. Justin Brayton…5-7
7. Andrew Short…6-8
8. Davi Millsaps…3-13
9. Kevin Windham…12-6
10. Christian Craig…10-10
    Other notables: 11. Nick Wey (14-14); 12. Josh Grant (7-32); 15. Michael Byrne (40-11); 18. Jake Canada (11-30); 19. Tommy Hahn (39-12); 24. Ricky Dietrich (22-23); 29. Fredrik Noren (24-31).

1. Chad Reed…268
2. Ryan Villopoto…252
3. Ryan Dungey…246
4. Brett Metcalfe…178
5. Davi Millsaps…173
6. Kevin Windham…172
7. Andrew Short…130
8. Christian Craig…119
9. Mike Alessi…115
10. Jake Weimer…112
    Other notables: 11. Ricky Dietrich (109); 20. Mike Brown (31); 22. Kyle Chisholm (26); 25. Christophe Pourcel (24); 26. Fredrik Noren; (23); 29. Calle Aspegren (12).

1. Blake Baggett…1-1
2. Dean Wilson…2-2
3. Tyla Rattray…5-3
4. Kyle Cunningham…4-4
5. Broc Tickle…7-5
6. Wil Hahn…8-6
7. Ryan Sipes …3-14
8. Martin Davalos…11-7
9. Cole Seely…9-10
10. Scott Champion …13-13
    Other notables: 12. Darryn Durham (6-34); 14. Malcolm Stewart (28-8); 17. Lance Vincent (10-33); 36. Justin Barcia (30-36); 39. Matt Lemoine (38-39).

1. Dean Wilson…258
2. Blake Baggett…244
3. Tyla Rattray…242
4. Eli Tomac…176
5. Kyle Cunningham…163
6. Broc Tickle…143
7. Justin Barcia…137
8. Gareth Swanepoel…120
9. Cole Seely…112
10. Martin Davalos…111
    Other notables: 13. Malcolm Stewart (89); 16. Travis Baker (71); 18. Ryan Sipes (51); 20. Austin Howell (40); 23. Marvin Musquin (33); 27. Killy Rusk (11); 38. Dakota Tedder (1)

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