With two AMA Pro Nationals being held at the same track within four days in Buchanan, Michigan, we were eagerly looking forward to the racing that was to take place at the infamous RedBud track. However, this year, was a bit different. Thousands of screaming fans weren’t lining the fences screaming “ReedddBuuud” at the top of their lungs. The only fans that were allowed on the track were the riders and family that raced the amateur event in RedBud. Amateur practice was held the Thursday before the first RedBud National and amateur racing was on the Satuday and Sunday after.  That way the amateur crew was allowed to stay and watch, as “fans” for both of the RedBud Pro Nationals.

After two full days of racing the MXA crew shot thousands of photos. It would be a shame not to share with you the Best of RedBud threw the lens. If you’re here for a bunch of numbers and points for the season, click here.

Photos and words by Trevor Nelson


The FC Honda mechanics working as the early morning sunrises.

After burning the retina a few times, the photo of the massive flag that towers RedBud came out well.

Justin Bogle’s KTM 450SXF.

Alex Martin’s Arai helmet sure is shiny.

250 A riders waiting for their turn to practice.

Dylan Ferrandis riding past the mechanic’s area.

Jeremy Martin putting power to the ground.

Pierce Brown in a relatively large shadow.

Mitchell Harrison going warp speed past the mechanics and if you look closely you can see the 83 of Jett Lawrence.

Now, this is an epic shot. Ty Masterpool nailing the holeshot and pointing up into the air for his brother Jesse who passed away.

Dean Wilson sitting back at the Rockstar Energy Rig.

Justin Bogle giving the fans what they want over Larocco’s Leap.

Chase Sexton going pretty fast in the practice start.

Marvin taking the low line.

Cameron McAdoo taking the extra extra low line.

Chase Sexton taking the extra extra extra low line. (But seriously that couldn’t have felt good, we hope he’s feeling better.)

Still wondering how much footage some of the GoPros actually get in a moto.

The mechanics watching their riders on screen.


The Geico lizard showed up and stood there all day with a smile on his face. He really likes motocross.

Mason Gonzales getting a little aero action.

Chase Sexton after a tough 2nd moto on the Friday race.

No spectators? No problem! These are families of the amateur racers during the days in between the nationals that were happy to show up to a motocross race.


Hi Christian.

Brandon Hartranft taking the bowl turn in front of the small crowd.

The sand roller provided some deep ruts.

Carson Mumford one leggin’ it.

The RedBud dirt really is unbeatable.

Derek Drake launching out of the sand.

Something seems to be missing, just can’t quite put my finger on it.

Blake Baggett drifting around a corner.

Zach Osborne taste testing Fly gloves. 

RJ Hampshire. 

Sand in the morning sun.

Shoutout to the riders who took 5 seconds out of their day to hi-five these kids. 

Stilez Robertson showing some style.

Many retinas were burnt over the 4 days.

Which line are you picking?

RJ Hampshire and Rockstar Husqvarna team manager Steve Westfall celebrating after a hard-fought victory.

Jo Shimoda launching off the ski jump.

Broc Tickle crossing the finish line jump.

A closer look at Shane McElrath.

Jo Shimoda making sure he got close enough to read the pit board.

Cameron McAdoo.

Max Anstie.

Prepare for liftoff.

Alex Martin wearing red, white, and blue, with the colors flying in the background.

Matthew Hubert navigating the trenches of RedBud.

Jett Lawrence zoning out. 

Justin Cooper.

Dean Wilson zoning out extra hard.

Thankfully the camo on the fox gear was white so we could see Darian.

We snuck up behind Freddie Noren to take this pic.

Not totally sure what Mitchell is looking at here.

Zach Osborne drag racing up the ruts.

Thanks for viewing the gallery! Stay tuned for more 2020 AMA National Coverage brought to you by Motocross Action!


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