Available in February for the US Market, the Rieju MR300 Pro picks up the pieces of the GasGas 300 GP model that was so successful in the USA before it was discontinued when GasGas was purchased by KTM. In the aftermath of KTM’s take-over of GasGas, Rieju stepped into to save the GasGas models that KTM did not want after buying the Barcelona brand. Although Rieju and GasGas were competitors, they were also closely related as Spanish, Barcelona-built, off-road brands. Which is why Rieju bought the rights to their competitors off-road models. And with a new American importer, Rieju will pick up where the 300GP left off with the Rieju MR300 Pro hard enduro model.

New features that come stock on the new Pro models are 48mm Kayaba AOS forks, black anodized anti-friction fork leg coatings, Xtrig ROCS triple clamps, Renthal TwinWall Handlebars, Goldspeed Pro HD rims, red anodized hubs, 260mm floating brake rotor, Funnelweb Performance air filter, radiator fan, Polisport engine and frame protectors. Limited availability in February.

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