Mike’s bike was broken into pieces in the hit and run incident.

Mike Alessi was out training on his road bike not far from his North Florida home when a driver in a red pickup truck hit him from behind and kept going. A witness, who stopped to help Mike and apply compression to the wound on his head, said that it was red Chevy pickup (maybe with a black hood).

Even the top tube was snapped in half in the crash. Mike is very lucky to be alive after being hit from behind with such force.

The accident happened US1 in Callahan, Florida, by the Ship Inn. Mike was taken to a local hospital, where he underwent test for a head injury and got stitches and staples in his head.

Mike is at home now. This photo was shot at the hospital. Mike was planning on coming to California to race the “Pasha 125 Open” two-stroke race at Glen Helen this Sunday, but that is off the table now.

Mike said, on his Instagram page, “I am home now. I have a huge cut and hematoma on the top of my head that required 10 staples. My elbow has stitches and my back/butt are covered in road rash. The driver was going approximately 70+ mph when the vehicle hit me. I am just so thankful to be alive right now. It was the scariest thing that has ever happened to me!”


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