WHAT IS IT? The EVS Axis Pro knee brace features an industry-first aluminum and carbon fiber frame construction. It is part of a complete line of EVS knees braces, including the Axis Pro, Axis Sport, Web Pro and RS9. Prices range from $750 (pair) down to $299. 

WHAT’S IT COST? $395.00 (per brace), $749.00 (pair). 

CONTACT? or (888) 873-8423.

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with the EVS Axis Pro knee braces.

(1) Design. The EVS Axis Pro knee brace is made of a composite material encased in a thick shell of carbon fiber. The upper and lower cuffs are carbon fiber winglets that bend to shape when the straps are pulled tight. Each brace has a tag that tells you which leg it fits. The dual-sliding knee cup, called Dual-Defense, provides full kneecap protection whether your knee is extended or bent. The adjustable hyperextension lockouts keep riders from hyper-extending their knees (optional lockouts included). EVS’s patented Tru-Motion 3.0 anatomically correct dual-alloy hinges have a plastic covering with nice rounded edges to keep the aluminum hinges from wearing through your pants. The liner is a sharkskin-style neoprene, and the Axis Pro comes in four sizes from small to extra large. Each brace comes with instructions on how to adjust the fit and the order in which you tighten the straps. There are two color combinations—black/bronze and black/silver. We liked the look of the bronze-anodized aluminum chassis model.

(2) Movement. The Tru-Motion hinge is modeled after orthopedic knee braces to mimic the actual motion of the knee as it bends through its full range of motion. The brace has a little tension when bending your knee, which made some of the test riders feel that the brace was more secure. The Dual-Defense knee cup covers the area above your knee cap, which is often exposed to roost or hitting on the bottom of the handlebars. 

(3) Straps. The EVS Axis Pro knee brace has four straps with multiple adjustment on both sides of the straps, including a fifth Sharkskin neoprene strap that goes above the calf muscle to lessen migration. The straps are held by plastic connectors that are riveted to the aluminum and carbon fiber frame. For test riders with large thighs, we found that the second strap on the outer side tended to pinch if over-tightened, especially where the strap runs through the plastic connector.  (4) Liner. The EVS Axis Pro knee brace liner is made of a Sharkskin neoprene that grips well, which helps reduce brace migration. The Axis Pro does run a little on the warm side, as there is very little airflow through the neoprene liner, full-coverage Dual-Defense cups or carbon fiber compression cuffs (top and bottom).

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? MXA’s shorter-than-average test riders had no problems, but test riders over 6 feet tall had issues with the knee brace popping out of the top of their boot. This made the brace ride up on the rider’s leg and had us pushing the brace back inside the boot between motos. Long-legged riders felt that the brace needed to be 1 inch longer.

MXA RATING: The EVS Axis Pro was spot-on in terms of freedom of motion and stability of the knee joint when properly fitted. Luckily, EVS has a size chart on their website to help you pick the perfect size. The best features are the narrowness of the overall chassis and the efficient motion of the dual-hinge layout.


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